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Earthpaste…? and Another Giveaway!

“They really need better marketing. I’m confused. What is it, toothpaste made of earth”? – my sweet husband. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Earthpaste is. It is paste made from clay for your teeth. And from the reviews, it is … Continue reading

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Pinterest Projects: Round Four

Hey look! I actually did STUFF, not just cooked food this week! Sorta ‘Poo by Crunchy Betty This is probably my favorite “make it yourself” cosmetic. Scratch that. It IS my favorite. I’m hooked on natural DIY shampoo and I’m … Continue reading

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Not sure how many of you out there are as obsessed with this wonderful tool as I am, but I love it! It’s so much easier to keep track of my “To Do One Day” than with various folders on … Continue reading

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Jennie’s Gluten Free Products

I’m a bad little blogger, this I will freely admit. I was sent a big ole’ package from Jennies filled with macaroons and gluten free pound cakes to try and review. It’s been two months but I’m doing it now. … Continue reading

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Current Musical Obsession

I know I’m probably the only dork out there that actually watched The Voice but unlike American Idol, the contestants on this show were actually T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D. Like, before they even got to the auditions and without the coach’s input. They … Continue reading

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Becky’s Bands Giveaway Winners! (& Baby Bump Week 7)

Here you go! You cannot tell me there is only one child in there. Look at the size of my stomach at WEEK SEVEN!!! Now that I’m officially showing, I’ll have a less ghetto set up for my Baby Bump … Continue reading

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Juice, Juice Baby

A few years ago we bought a juicer on eBay for pretty cheap. We love to make all types of concoctions but my personal favorite is “green” juice. Here’s what I do: Granny Smith apples, spinach, basil, mint, limes and … Continue reading

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My Week in Pictures

Have you heard about Instagram? It’s amazing and I think everyone should join. If you do, look me up! Dining room chair covers in progress. Still need to fix the closure and attach ribbons to secure it to the chair! … Continue reading

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Farmer Missy is Back!

It was an exciting week for me. I finally set up my garden in our backyard. It’s about 1/16th of the size of my plot last year but beggars cannot be choosers and I am gleefully happy! I used a … Continue reading

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Stuff I Love: Booch! Nashville’s #1 Kombucha

On my last full day in Nashville I met with Kelly, the owner/operator/brew master of my absolutely favorite Kombucha tea, Booch. It’s made locally in Nashville and in small batches which results in a magnificent full flavor without being overly … Continue reading

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