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Carter’s Birth Story

Four weeks ago weeks ago we welcomed Carter Anthony into our family. (By the way, I’ve changed that first word three times now. I started this when he was two weeks old and he’s now 4 and a half! Life … Continue reading

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Change of Pace

As a personal life blogger, I often struggle with sharing my life without over-sharing. This particular situation is one where I will be vague because it is personal, however it affects something I blog about often- running. I got the … Continue reading

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I’m a Placenta Eater!

There. I said it. Over the past almost 7 weeks, I have slowly ingested my placenta. Now before you get all freaked out, I do want to say that I had it professionally encapsulated so it’s not as if I’ve … Continue reading

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Our Birth Story

Since today was our “official” due date, I figured it would be appropriate to write our birth story as best I can remember it. Parts of it are hazy but I tried to take notes during the early stages so … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – 37 & 38 Weeks

Nothing has really changed since my last post in regards to the pregnancy except I’m getting bigger and more uncomfortable. Still having tons of contractions for hours and hours (they lasted 8 hours the night before last) but no baby. … Continue reading

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He’s Not Here Yet! (A mid-week labor update)

Last Sunday afternoon I went into labor. And it’s a week later and obviously Liam is still not here. False labor? I think not. Midwives and doctors are now calling this extended early labor as prodromal labor. Here are a … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – 36 Weeks

Last week I got really, really sick with some sort of head cold that had me sneezing non-stop, battling a sinus infection and an ear infection. A week later and I still can’t smell but things seem to be clearing … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Week 35

We’re into week 36 at this point and I know I haven’t been the best at updating lately but rest assured we are alive and well! Things have been good as we near the end of the pregnancy. I’m SUPER … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Week 34

I honestly get so confused with how far along I am since the OB has one due date (which she won’t change) and my MW has another (who also won’t change it). I just know I’m pregnant. I actually haven’t … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Weeks 32 & 33

Sorry to my faithful readers for the slacking. I didn’t realize I was TWO weeks behind on posting until yesterday so here ya go… Weight:  158 (+28 lbs) This has actually fluctuated the past weeks. I was up to about … Continue reading

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