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Current Musical Obsession

I know I’m probably the only dork out there that actually watched The Voice but unlike American Idol, the contestants on this show were actually T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D. Like, before they even got to the auditions and without the coach’s input. They … Continue reading

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Becky’s Bands Giveaway Winners! (& Baby Bump Week 7)

Here you go! You cannot tell me there is only one child in there. Look at the size of my stomach at WEEK SEVEN!!! Now that I’m officially showing, I’ll have a less ghetto set up for my Baby Bump … Continue reading

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Bands by Becky Giveaway!

So ya’ll know how much I love Sweaty Bands and the wonders they do for me while running. I was initially skeptical but eventually became a huge fan. However, on June 4th, I learned of an alternative to Sweaty Bands … Continue reading

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Baby A – ETA 2/2012

I have a confession to make. I’m a terrible secret-keeper. Those of you close to me know I cannot lie to save my life. It’s something I was just not blessed with past the age of 17. So I apologize … Continue reading

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Hair Cut!

Sometime last week my hair went from this- to this! That’s what I get for going to get my hair cut with my glasses. She made me take them off and I couldn’t see what the hell she was doing! … Continue reading

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My Week in Pictures

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My Week in Pictures

Have you heard about Instagram? It’s amazing and I think everyone should join. If you do, look me up! Dining room chair covers in progress. Still need to fix the closure and attach ribbons to secure it to the chair! … Continue reading

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Long Live the Hair Bands

Disclaimer–> This post is most likely geared towards my female readership. Not that boys don’t have luxuriously long locks but certainly none of the men in my family do (any more). Though, at one point, with the exception of Caleb … Continue reading

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