Mini Road Trip!

While Ryan was away, Liam, the dogs and I went on a little road trip to visit some friends in Leemore, California. It’s about 300+ miles north east through some mountains and into the Central Valley. The drive was pretty uneventful, but it did take 8 hours both ways despite the fact we didn’t hit any traffic or snags. We just had to stop a lot. With a nursing toddler, a solo driver and two dogs, it was definitely a lot for me to handle. But I’m really glad we went. We had a wonderful time visiting in real life with friends I’ve known for over three years. Emily took some pictures that I just love and wanted to share with you here. Liam is so photogenic!

As you can see, we had a fabulous time. Liam got along famously with all the kids. It was awesome to see the boys playing together since Emily, Joni and I were all pregnant at the same time. We can’t wait to go back and visit. Or, better yet, have everyone come here!


Thank you again ladies for spending a few days with us. It really was so wonderful to spend time with you!photo 2 (3) photo 1 (2) photo 1 photo 1 photo 2 (2) photo 2 photo 3 (2) photo 3 photo 4 (2) photo 4 photo 5 (2) photo 5

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