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The $1,000 Weed

These little buggers are called Fox Tails and they cover our back yard. And currently, one is lodged in Jeffrey’s foot. This is Jeffrey Oh wait, that’s Liam wearing Jeffrey’s cone. (This was certainly not our idea!) Nope. That’s Charlie … Continue reading

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Mini Road Trip!

While Ryan was away, Liam, the dogs and I went on a little road trip to visit some friends in Leemore, California. It’s about 300+ miles north east through some mountains and into the Central Valley. The drive was pretty … Continue reading

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6 Weeks in San Diego

Of course this post was written over a week ago and is just getting posted now… such is life. It’s hard to believe we rode into town only SIX weeks ago. It felt like home immediately. I suppose it’s because … Continue reading

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Liam’s 1st Birthday

We made the most of our day on Friday and celebrated 365 days of Liam in lots of fun ways. We woke up to our smiley boy and popped him in the Boba for a quick walk for some iced … Continue reading

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8 Months

10/24/12- Started this blog post 10 days ago, added to it on Monday and now it’s finally Wednesday and getting posted… that is how crazy life has been around here! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10/12/12- I’m writing this post on the heels of … Continue reading

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Half Birthday

How has it been 6 months since I had Liam? It has flown by and yet I have cherished every last moment. I can’t wait to wake up each morning and spend the day with our adorable son. Today, instead … Continue reading

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20 Weeks, Baby!

I always heard how quickly time passes once you have kids and now I am fully aware of this phenomenon. It seems like yesterday Liam was a tiny newborn, sleeping and eating all day and all night. It also feels … Continue reading

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Preggo – Week 9

Momma came to visit over the weekend and with her arrival most of my nausea left! I still have a few bouts during the day but only for a few hours as opposed to ALL day without rest. So thankful … Continue reading

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Chicago 13.1

Yesterday I completed my first half marathon- the Chicago 13.1! It was a really really hot day. When I woke up at 4:30am it was already 75 degrees out. As the day got started, the temp quickly rose and by … Continue reading

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My Week in Pictures

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