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6 Weeks in San Diego

Of course this post was written over a week ago and is just getting posted now… such is life. It’s hard to believe we rode into town only SIX weeks ago. It felt like home immediately. I suppose it’s because … Continue reading

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Seven Months & More Changes

I have to be honest, this past month was a rough one for me. Liam has started to become much more active and needs my attention practically all the time, which is fine. He is my top priority. The only … Continue reading

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Four Months Already!

Yep, this Friday Big L will be 4 months old. He’s the light of our lives and grows and changes on the daily. He’s babbling like crazy, loves to watch Daddy sing and play guitar, blow bubbles, play with Sophie, … Continue reading

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Change of Pace

As a personal life blogger, I often struggle with sharing my life without over-sharing. This particular situation is one where I will be vague because it is personal, however it affects something I blog about often- running. I got the … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Week 22

Weight: Midwife appointment yesterday confirms I’ve packed on 15 lbs. Up to 145 now! Just started Week 23 so I’m pretty ok with that. It has been incredibly hard not focusing on my weight obsessively after trying to get it … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Weeks 19 & 20

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and I got moved a week up so I’m now “officially” in Week 21. The tech’s estimated due date for Baby A is 2/14 but since it’s not a two week difference, Midwife … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Week 18

Sorry for the late post. No excuses really, just didn’t feel like doing anything from about last Wednesday on. Haven’t been feeling tired like I’m missing sleep but just run down, worn out, etc. After a weekend of relaxing though, … Continue reading

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Knocked Up – Week 15

Sorry this one’s so late. Couldn’t seem to get a belly pic but did take one for our “personal” stash and I suppose that one will have to do. I can’t believe I’m already closing in on 4 months. Seems … Continue reading

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Preggo – Week 12

Week 12 of pregnancy is coming to a close. And thus starts the second trimester! Pretty excited about this as I’m in the awkward stage of feeling fat and not pregnant. I look like I have a serious beer belly. … Continue reading

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Preggo – Week 9

Momma came to visit over the weekend and with her arrival most of my nausea left! I still have a few bouts during the day but only for a few hours as opposed to ALL day without rest. So thankful … Continue reading

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