Farmer Missy is Back!

It was an exciting week for me. I finally set up my garden in our backyard. It’s about 1/16th of the size of my plot last year but beggars cannot be choosers and I am gleefully happy! I used a raised bed garden kit given to me by a company called Kellogg Garden based in California. Let me back up…

I follow this great blog, Life on the Balcony, which focuses on small area gardening. Tons of great ideas and resources, I highly recommend. One day they posted this video-

I saw this as a great alternative to tilling the soil as we moved around to different areas so I contacted the company, Kellogg Garden Products. Unfortunately for me, they are based in California and only sell their products within the state. Fortunately for me, the gentleman who I corresponded with very generously sent me one of their garden kits free of charge! Seriously a great day in the life of Missy. It doesn’t take much, people.

The garden kit is a product of 100% recycled materials. Each panel keeps as many as 8 one gallon milk jugs out of landfills which means this container alone has up to 48 milk jugs! They’re also made in the great US of A which is hard to find these days. The kit assembled very easily and quickly in my living room. I carried it outside to my plot. This was the easy part.

It requires 11.5 cubic feet of soil and it stands 2 feet high. I got a great price on top soil at Lowe’s and ended up getting 12 bags for about $12. I had help loading the soil into the car but since Ryan was at work, I got to schlep twelve 40 pound bags from the truck to the garden plot. Oh yeah, I’m a beast.

I landed on the spot right behind our shed because of its optimal sunlight. I was originally going to put it in the front plant bed, but that faces North and the sun just wasn’t all the great throughout the day. The plants I chose were full sun and need minimum 6 hours of direct sunlight. This plot is more Southwest and is perfect for my needs.

Sorry for no action shots, but my hands were pretty dirty so just imagine me tearing open each bag and dumping it into the bed. Then I take the baby plants (didn’t do seeds because we were in the middle of a move) and plant them. Here’s the end result:

In case you can’t read my awesome text, I planted onions, two types of tomatoes, a jalapeno pepper and cucumber. From my experience last year, cukes LOVE to climb so I set up a ladder next to the plant so it can grow up. Same with the tomatoes. They need trellis as soon as possible because they get quite large very fast. This way, as they get larger, I’ll be able to tie them to the cages instead of having to maneuver them around the plant.

I also planted seeds for parsley, cilantro and basil. These herbs will grow quickly and keep down the pests in the garden. So there you have it… I’ll be posting pictures as it grows so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Farmer Missy is Back!

  1. Amber says:

    I hope you used your military discount at Lowe’s πŸ™‚

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