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Earthpaste…? and Another Giveaway!

“They really need better marketing. I’m confused. What is it, toothpaste made of earth”? – my sweet husband. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Earthpaste is. It is paste made from clay for your teeth. And from the reviews, it is … Continue reading

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Becky’s Bands Giveaway Winners! (& Baby Bump Week 7)

Here you go! You cannot tell me there is only one child in there. Look at the size of my stomach at WEEK SEVEN!!! Now that I’m officially showing, I’ll have a less ghetto set up for my Baby Bump … Continue reading

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Bands by Becky Giveaway!

So ya’ll know how much I love Sweaty Bands and the wonders they do for me while running. I was initially skeptical but eventually became a huge fan. However, on June 4th, I learned of an alternative to Sweaty Bands … Continue reading

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Baby Stuff I Love and Another Giveaway!

**Disclaimer** I am not yet with child. This giveaway is simply my attempt to help promote a friend’s small business. I’ll let ya’ll know asap when a little one is on the way! Today is our second giveaway on Together … Continue reading

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Vol.25 Giveaway Winner! (& There’s No Place Like Home)

Congratulations to… Kendra! Winner of the Vol.25 “Together We Are Home” Giveaway! She said: “My favorite place to call home would have to be an unofficial home of mine, Charleston. I loved when I would go visit your brother and … Continue reading

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Free Giveaway!

Do you have an Etsy shop or produce another type of consumable good? Would you like to host a FREE giveaway on my blog? Message me!

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Day 1- Stuff I Love & Our First Giveaway!

Who’s pumped?!? This girl. Today is the first official giveaway on my blog and I’m super excited and kinda nervous. Truth? I’m wondering if anyone will participate. I mean, I know that I love free stuff and I’m fairly certain … Continue reading

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