Juice, Juice Baby

A few years ago we bought a juicer on eBay for pretty cheap. We love to make all types of concoctions but my personal favorite is “green” juice. Here’s what I do:

Granny Smith apples, spinach, basil, mint, limes and ginger prepped for juicing

Juicing is hard work!

Juicer in action.

Our Olympic juicer is actually an older version of an Omega 4000 but works like a dream.

Filters make clean up much easier.

Changing the filter halfway ensures the juicer doesn’t bounce around like an unevenly filled washing machine.

Finished product- delicious and healthy!

Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel 1/3-HP Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer

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One Response to Juice, Juice Baby

  1. carrie says:

    Now…. I think I need a juicer!!!! Love the last photo… that green looks amazing!

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