Stuff I Love: Booch! Nashville’s #1 Kombucha

On my last full day in Nashville I met with Kelly, the owner/operator/brew master of my absolutely favorite Kombucha tea, Booch. It’s made locally in Nashville and in small batches which results in a magnificent full flavor without being overly strong. It has the perfect balance of sweetness, tart flavor and light carbonation. She says the secret is to use herbal tea flavoring instead of juice, which larger companies like GT’s Kombucha use.

Booch’s current flavors are: Original, Ginger, Peach and Raspberry. I enjoy all of them thoroughly but Peach is my absolutely favorite. I got so hooked, in fact, on my way out of town, I stopped by the Green Wagon (my favorite local spot in East Nashville) for a whole gallon of the stuff! (The half gallon of Raspberry was a gift from Kelly and is long gone!)

I’m trying to drink it slowly to keep it around as long as possible cause I don’t know when I’ll be back in Nashville again. I do have her recipe but it’s doubtful that I’ll be able to make the same deliciousness she makes.

Kombucha tea is nothing new, though because of larger companies selling at places like Whole Foods, it has gotten more popular in recent years. The drink originated in Asia & Russia. It naturally ferments, resulting in active live cultures which are thought to help the body maintain balance, heal oxidative damage, detoxify the body and build the immune system. The fermentation process takes three weeks and transforms sweetened black tea into a slightly fizzy, sour drink, changing virtually all the sugar into other acid compounds.

The drink is rich in Vitamin B and glucuronic acid, which binds up environmental and metabolic toxins so they can be excreted through the kidneys. Glucuronic acid is naturally produced by the liver but Kombucha supplies the body with more, thus boosting the natural detoxification process, similar to how green tea is beneficial to the body. Kombucha also contains many complex cultures, probiotics, several organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphelos. Check out her website for more details about the benefits of acids and antioxidants.

Kelly and I met at a Starbucks halfway between our homes on a rainy Tuesday, the day before we moved to Chicago. She was there with her adorable daughter and creator of the company’s name, Booch.

Kelly’s experience with Kombucha tea was very similar to my own. One sip and we were hooked! I was introduced by a co-worker at Whole Foods and it very quickly became a daily habit- much healthier than coffee! Kelly’s love for the tea was also passed down to her daughter who regularly drinks it in her sippy cup. When she was young, she called the drink “booch” as it was easier to say that Kombucha and thus, Booch tea was born.

For all you local Nashvillians, you can find Booch at a number of places all over town:

The Green Wagon-East Nashville

The Produce Place

Sunshine Nutrition Center

Shenanigans Restaurant

A Matter of Taste Take Out

LB’s Market House

Or mail order for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in the area.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your delicious elixir with me. My baby culture has been started and I hope to have my own batch very soon!

**I was not compensated by Kelly, Booch or The Green Wagon for my review. Kelly did give me a sample of the Kombucha flavors, but all opinions are mine and mine alone.**

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