Dirty Hippie

Many of you know I’m very “green”. Compared to some, I’m VERY green. I have trashed practically every conventional personal care and cleaning product in the house. Ryan is even willing to make an effort to try the non-toxic alternatives I’ve found for him. I’ve had a number of people ask me for my personal care routine, and since starting the co-op, it has changed drastically. Basically, all of my wildest crunchy dreams have come true and I am finally able to feel 100% comfortable with the products I’m using on myself and Liam. I never would have been able to afford to re-do our house without the help of the buying club.  With the group’s community, I have also been able to help support some amazing moms who make seriously wonderful products that are completely safe to use. This post will be about my beauty routine and the next will be about my supplements/vitamins/herbs I take and use.

Full Disclosure: I don’t shower everyday, but for the sake of this post, we’ll assume I do.


Some mornings we take a bath and if we do, I use epsom salts with essential oil sprinkled in. Make sure you put the EO’s directly onto the salt and not straight into the water. Otherwise, they just sit right on top and come into direct contact with your skin, which you don’t want unless you have a carrier or emulsifier. My morning choice is Citrus Passion, Lime, or Balance. I also sprinkle in bentonite clay to help draw out toxins.

Disclaimer: I exclusively use Native American Nutritionals essential oils. Not only are they therapeutic quality, but their prices are noticeably lower than some of the bigger oil companies. Their selection of blends is second to none! Every oil is either organic or wild-crafted, meaning it is found in the wild. None of their oils are treated with pesticides of any kind. I fully respect Native American Nutritionals’ (merging with Rocky Mountain Oils) humble beginnings and their dedication to education beyond thinly veiled marketing strategies. You are free to use whichever oils you feel best for your family, but please do your research and decide which company you want to trust with the health of your family, if you’re using them for medicinal purposes, as we do. I didn’t feel comfortable with doTERRA’s multi-level marketing set up or the required minimum monthly orders. I also don’t think their oils are as high of quality. I think they alter the composition to make them smell as “authentic” as possible, but they end up going too far. In a smell comparison, I always prefer the NAN variety. It smells more natural to me.

I don’t wash my face in the am but I do rinse it off with warm water and moisturize with The Pharmacist’s Wife Beauty*Balm (AM).

Stink*Balm Deodorant, Whipped Cocoa Lotion by RAW, and lip balm by RAW.


Night Shower/Bath: Dr. Bronner’s Naked Unscented body wash and shaving gel (this stuff smells AMAZING! Like cake!) I currently use coconut milk and castille soap as shampoo (I’ve mentioned this on my blog before. The recipe found here.) but am in the market for one that won’t spoil. My new obsession is Cleansing Grains from Mountain Rose Herbs. I had a hard time letting go of my apricot face scrub but tossed it last week and hoped I’d find a replacement. I did. And it’s better. Super gentle and easy to use!

I wash my face in the evenings, alternating between the Oil Cleansing Method (organic sweet almond oil, organic tamanu oil, organic grapeseed oil, carrot seed oil and Skin Care essential oil), Honey Cleansing Method, and cleansing grains. If I’ve used OCM, I don’t need additional moisturizer on my face, but if I’ve done the honey or cleansing grains, I’ll follow up with a Frankincense EO with jojoba oil to ensure my face is super supple.

I also have the pleasure of alternating between three AMAZING lotions at night for Liam and myself. Hippie Karma Mama makes a wonderful Body Butter with Rosemary, shea and coconut oil. This stuff is good enough to eat! It’s fresh and clean smelling and super soft. Whipped Cocoa Butter by RAW is also good enough to eat, and Liam insists on having a few handfuls while I try to apply it as quickly as possible! I have also started using lotion bars made by Home Grown in the City which are SO soft and easy to apply. Again, smells good enough to eat!

I love using products that double are food safe. Can you say the same thing about your lotion? Why would you apply something to your skin you wouldn’t want to put in your mouth? Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you apply onto it like a sponge, sending it directly into your bloodstream. Think about that before you start applying lotion filled with parabens and synthetic chemicals and fragrances.

On evenings Liam is feeling congested or sick, I rub his chest with Calm Balm from Green Pastures. If he’s not, I just use Beauty Balm so he gets the benefits of cod liver oil without having to take it orally. I also use it on my face some nights instead of the Beauty Balm. It does smell like fish though!

I guess that’s it for “beauty”, currently. I have some Honeybee Gardens make up on the way and I’m excited to try the mascara and eye shadow. I’ll be experimenting with making my own blush so I’ll post another explanation of my beauty products once I get those tested out and decide what I want to use.

Please feel free to ask any questions! I’m always tweaking and trying out new mixtures as the weather and my skin’s needs change. I know it seems overwhelming to completely overhaul your way of doing things, but once you start reading about how poisonous most of the conventional products are, you’ll be jumping on my Dirty Hippie train faster than you can say “organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly”!

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