The $1,000 Weed

These little buggers are called Fox Tails and they cover our back yard. And currently, one is lodged in Jeffrey’s foot. This is Jeffrey
Oh wait, that’s Liam wearing Jeffrey’s cone. (This was certainly not our idea!)
Nope. That’s Charlie Skyping with Ryan while he was in VA attending a school.
Ok one of those black blobs is Jeffrey. So anyway. He’s been super itchy as of late. The poor dog has allergies so we’d
“coned” him for awhile. I noticed a cut in between the pads of his paws Thursday night and by this morning, the entire paw was swollen to twice its size. It was oozing out of a hole on the top and he was clearly in significant pain. I took him right into Banfield.
Side note: I literally just signed him up for the Wellness Plan they have because financially it seemed the smarter option. For $32/month we get all vaccinations, yearly teeth cleaning, free office visits, heartworm testing and so much more. We shelled out over $1,200 last year in vaccinations and dental alone. Since we set aside $80 a month for the dogs anyway, I figured this was a good use for that money. We’ll still set aside the other $16 for food and meds because the plan doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover a lot! I always get mini panic attacks anytime we have to take the pups to the vet because it’s such an unknown entity. It could be $40 or $400! Who the heck knows?! With the wellness plan, you also get 15% off everything else- meds, procedures, etc. It has already paid for itself with this latest incident.
So back to Jeffrey’s paw… We got right in and the vet knew immediately what it was. A Foxtail weed had imbedded itself into Jeffrey’s paw, entered his skin and was now inside his foot, working its way up his leg. She said she’s pulled them out of ears, mouths, paws, stomachs, vaginas (omg ouch) and tongues. These things are NASTY LITTLE F&”$%*S. The vet also recommended we get rid of all of them immediately.

Normally a surgery to remove a foreign body would have run us $520 BUT since we signed up for the plan, it’s only $140. Reason being, since we get a free teeth cleaning, anesthesia is already included in that. They will do both while he’s under and we only have to pay for the foreign object removal, 15 extra minutes of anesthesia and pain medication. I am so beyond thankful I went with my gut and signed up for this plan last week. Charlie is next. I’m sure he’ll get injured or something soon. When it rains, it pours with these dogs.

“Ok Missy the Over Exaggerator,” you’re probably thinking, “where’s the other $500 coming from?” Well, the yard must be fixed. As in, completely resodded. Ryan and I had the foolish notion a few months ago we could do it ourselves, but realized quickly we could not and decided to live with it. However, I longed for green grass where Liam could play without getting poked by the weeds (now I know they are the Most Evil Weed On the Planet, surely owned by Monsanto). Now it seems as if I might get my wish. I’m just sorry our poor puppy has to endure surgery and a few uncomfortable days of recovery.

I put a call into our kind landlord, telling him the situation and asking him to get a quote to have the yard completely resodded professionally. I am hopeful he will take care of it and pay for it all himself. After all, the house would be much more appealing with actual grass.

Of course all of this excitement happened on a duty day so I got to juggle Liam and Jeffrey at the vet. Not recommended for the faint of heart. Now we will nap and wait for a call that he’s ready for pick up.

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