My Week in Pictures

Have you heard about Instagram? It’s amazing and I think everyone should join. If you do, look me up!

Dining room chair covers in progress. Still need to fix the closure and attach ribbons to secure it to the chair!

In progress pillow project. Ryan thinks it looks like a boob but I see potential where he sees nipple.

Working on couponing at the laundromat. Saved $21 this time around!

NEX case sale resulted in us spending $20 on a case of Chex, a package of paper towels, & two cases of water. Score.

Gluten free treats arrived from Jennie’s! Can’t wait to test and review them.

My favorite snack on the way to work. Have you read my Ode to Chobani yet??

The Best Broccoli on the Face of the Earth. I make an entire pound for myself when Ryan’s on duty. Recipe here!

My Garden

My attempt at capturing a jeans try on session. NEX has Seven for Mankind for $40!! How can I say no? I miss my girlfriends. 😦

$7 BCBG Pants from our local thrift store. Photo series with all my new purchases & prices to follow next week!

Cutest Doggie Ever!

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One Response to My Week in Pictures

  1. mere... says:

    Seven jeans for $40? Color me jealous.

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