What $840 Looks Like

That’s it. Cost us $142, would’ve been $814 with the blood work and ear swab we had them do. Thank goodness for Banfield!
I’ll spare you the picture of his foot but it’s not pretty. We have to soak it a few times a day and follow up on Wednesday. Vet says to keep him out of the backyard until his foot is healed and even then to meticulously check his feet and in between paws and belly and ears every time we come inside. Oye. Another visit like this and we would’ve paid to sod the yard ourselves (sod only, no labor). I can’t quite swallow that pill.

I spent a few hours today weeding the yard by hand in a futile attempt to keep the Fox Tails at bay. We have so, SO MANY. The entire yard is covered in either the actual stalks or a fine downy layer of the seeds. We need professional help. I wish I’d known what these were before they’d gotten so out of hand. Hopefully our experience will help someone avoid our situation!

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