6 Weeks in San Diego

Of course this post was written over a week ago and is just getting posted now… such is life.

It’s hard to believe we rode into town only SIX weeks ago. It felt like home immediately. I suppose it’s because California, specifically San Diego, has pulled at my heart for a very very long time. I don’t just mean our house, which is lovely, albeit small. I mean the city, the area, the OUTDOORS. I was created to be here. In this place. I think our whole family was.

While Ryan has been working extremely hard the past few weeks getting the ship out of the yards, Liam and I have been keeping busy too. Our house is completely set up and unpacked (just don’t look in our garage!), the yard is coming along, garden is planted, and we are learning our way around the city. Since Liam started to walk on his own, he’s been sleeping more consistently and predictably, thankfully. I can now plan things to do in the mornings, knowing full well if I can sufficiently wear him out, he’ll be napping in 3-4 hours. We got a beach cruiser and attached an infant seat to it so we cruise to the playground or the store using that. Some days we’ll take a picnic to a park or the beach. Last week we had 99c breakfast at Ikea and played in the showroom since it was overcast. We’ve met lots of nice families and Liam loves to play with other kids. He’s learning how to be gentle and share. I think it’s a lifelong path.

For Liam’s birthday, my parents bought us an annual zoo pass which we’ve used a few times already. We live very close to the actual zoo which is fun to head over to for a few hours. Part of our pass includes admission to the Safari Park which is about 30 minutes away in Escondido. This is more of a weekend trip with Ryan since it includes an hour drive and a bit more walking. We rode on the safari tram and saw lots of cool animals. I think Liam will appreciate it as he gets older, he mostly enjoyed playing in the kiddie water area.

We love heading over to Coronado Island for beach time and dog exercise. It’s a short drive and the island is really amazing. I like their commissary too since it’s a bit smaller than the big one on 32nd Street. One day I’m going to load the bike into the van and Liam and I will bike around the island. There is also a scenic ferry you can take which leaves from downtown San Diego and drops you “downtown” Coronado.

It’s funny, I thought as soon as we got to San Diego, I’d be running everyday but I cannot for the life of me seem to get motivated to start training again. I think it’s because I spend all day so active as it is- biking, walking, chasing after Liam, playing, doing yard work, wearing Liam, etc I just don’t feel the need to. Coupled with the fact that Liam will not be contained for more than about 20 minutes… it doesn’t make for a good workout. I think the best form of exercise is moving throughout your day. I recognize I do need some more consistent cardio though, so I think I’ll bike to the farther park a few times a week in order to squeeze that in. It’s tough to pedal uphill with a 25 pound kid strapped to your bike!

Since we left Fairfax, my parents have moved to Winchester. The house hasn’t been put on the market yet, but it feels really strange to know that when I go home for a visit, it won’t be to Prince William Dr. Despite the fact I have moved 20 (YES TWENTY) times since 1998, it was always comforting to know that my parents were there. Our family moved to Mantua in 1994 and it has housed more celebrations and memories than I can even fathom. It is the home that built our family. I am happy they’re selling and moving further out west though. Fairfax is expensive and their home is in a very desirable area. Their initial goal was to downsize but I don’t think they quite did. I guess with six kids (four of whom are married), a grandbaby and six grand-dogs, they still needed some space!

We haven’t received official orders yet, but word from the top is we will be moving to Hawaii next summer. Ryan’s ship is a testing ship and in order to test the weapons, they need to go out to sea a lot. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to do it from Pearl Harbor since there is a lot of ocean surrounding Hawaii! I’m kind of bummed about it because I really wanted to put down some roots here in San Diego, especially because I feel so at home here. However, living in Hawaii is an experience we would never be able to do on our own and I look forward to making the most of it. I love being active and exploring and I think we’ll enjoy our time there.

I think that’s all the news for now. I’m going to try and post some pictures you haven’t seen on Facebook and Instagram already!












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