How to Do Vegas, Family Style

Our motel was walking distance from a lot of the big casinos- MGM, Luxor, Excaliber, and Mandalay Bay.

Make sure you bring a baby carrier cause who wants to deal with strollers in a big city? Not this family!

Take the free trams between casinos to keep Mama happy!

Breastfeed at the Luxor or anywhere with the Boba keeping it private and convenient.
Make sure baby is snug and warm and if you’re lucky, he might just pass out in the midst of all the craziness!


We also picked up some ciders to drink as we walked around cause, why not? We’re in Vegas!







If you do decide to gamble, don’t try to do it with a baby. I guess they frown on that. But let hubby play one hand using an agreed upon amount and then WALK! We put $60 on black, doubled our money and left. Grabbed some dinner and walked back to the motel. Liam woke up just long enough to let me eat and then we all passed out by 9:30! What a crazy night!
This is the handsome devil I get to wake up with every single day.


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