Road Trip! Day 5, Part 2

Roughest day so far even though we did the least amount of mileage. The winds were incredible and made for a very stressful ride. The day started off pretty bad when we came upon a horrible fatal car accident. Things kinda just sucked from there. Jeffrey threw up and Liam was pretty fussy all day, though he did get two decent one hour naps. But we’re here in Holbrook, AZ for the night and keeping an eye on the weather since snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!

We wanted to stay in a concrete wigwams but for $30 more than the Motel 6 and no wifi, we just couldn’t do it.

Things have gone really well up until this point. Though after a day like today, we definitely need a drink! Tomorrow is a new start and we are so, so close to being home in our new city. I’m trying to stay positive and press on.



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