Road Trip! Day 5, Part 1

Five days on the road with a one year old and two dogs is tiring! This morning we decided to sleep in and take our time getting back on 40. We had breakfast at a diner called Kix on 66, which was delicious. It too was retro and yet very clean and new/old looking. If you ever drive cross country, you should consider a stop in Tucumcari!

The cool thing about this road trip is the fact that even we have no clue what we’re doing from one day to the next. We have loose plans but they change as we reassess how the previous day went and what we feel up to the following. Our stuff is being delivered on Monday so as long as we get there by then, we’re good!
The weather seems to be very February and not all that conducive to outdoor activities. We wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but with snow forecasted and temps not predicted to rise above 28°, we decided to scrap that.

Today we’re driving through the rest of New Mexico and the first part of Arizona. Possibly hiking in the Petrified National Forest, depending on Liam and the weather.










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