Road Trip! Day 4, Part 1

What a night. Thank goodness the motel we chose last night had laundry facilities! Between Charlie peeing on stuff and Liam throwing up multiple times, we needed to wash more than expected. All seems fine this morning. Not sure if Liam ate something weird or just felt sick but he’s acting normal now.
We’re driving in three states today- the rest of Oklahoma, pan handle of Texas and into New Mexico where we’ll stop for the night. I found a cool motel called Historic Rt 66 Motel which looks like it’s got some character and is something different than the chains we’ve been staying in.
Just passed through some rain on the way to Oklahoma City but otherwise the weather has been great so far!




Definitely getting bored in the car. We watched part of Lion King and Despicable Me on the Kindle Fire that Louise gave us (THANK YOU!!) but his attention span for movies and tv is still pretty short. His longest nap has only been an hour so far so I’m required to be “on” most of the time. Ok better get back to it. His Majesty needs some entertainment.

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