Road Trip! Day 3, Part 1

On the road again. Destination: Sallisaw, OK! We’re breaking the trip into three legs by stopping in Memphis for some BBQ and then again in Little Rock. We’d like to stop at the dog park as long as the weather holds. Last night we decided to go a different route so we’d be able to see a few sights on the way as well as get us to San Diego by the end of the weekend. Where are we headed?? Stay tuned!







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2 Responses to Road Trip! Day 3, Part 1

  1. Kathleen says:

    You’ll pass through my town of Conway now that you’re taking 40 through AR- be sure too look for the Toad Suck signs after Mayflower (about 20 miles outside of LR)

  2. wifenmom5 says:

    Your boy is so cute! I am in Muskogee, Ok and right now it’s a little cool but it should be perfect weather by this afternoon for Park time in OK! Have happy and safe travels!

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