Road Trip! Day 1, Part 2

We made it to Wytheville, VA for the night. The first part of our trip was a bit longer than we anticipated as we didn’t factor in all the two lane roads we needed to take to get over to 81 from Dahlgren. We drove five hours and made it roughly 250 miles though, which is great after leaving so late. We don’t want to drive at night if we can avoid it in the future.

Liam did pretty well. He slept for 90 minutes early on and was entertained with toys, books, my dancing and singing and his iPhone games for a good part of the drive. I need to figure out more stuff though. He’s not satisfied just nursing the whole time like he was when he was younger! It kills my back to nurse him in his car seat but it is SO worth the pain for him to be happy!

The dogs were quiet in their crates which is a wonderful change from how we used to travel with them. We stopped once at a rest stop off 81 for about 30 minutes and oh my goodness was it COLD!! Looking forward to heading south in a few days.

Signing off for the evening. It’s time for dinner and relaxation. Headed to Nashville tomorrow!








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2 Responses to Road Trip! Day 1, Part 2

  1. Quang says:

    How does one nurse with the baby in a car seat?

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