Seven Months & More Changes

I have to be honest, this past month was a rough one for me. Liam has started to become much more active and needs my attention practically all the time, which is fine. He is my top priority. The only problems were the other things getting in the way- overwhelmed at work, drowning in housework, frustrated with the dogs, sick husband who had to work 14-16 hour days for almost 2 weeks… I was STRESSED. But this weekend was a reset for me. Friday was my last day working with Ryan’s brother and I feel really good about letting that go. Liam and I went with my mom and sister to visit my Grandma in New Jersey and were able to also see my two aunts, my like-a-sister cousin, and her two daughters. It was so nice to visit and recharge with some of the wonderful ladies in my family. Liam loved the attention, of course, and he did so well in the car all weekend with minimal crying. I came back to a wonderfully clean house, a healthy husband, and two clean Pugs.

This past month Liam has hit a ton of milestones. In addition to rolling all over the place, he’s also mastered sitting! He is almost crawling and won’t be long before we’re baby-proofing the house. With his ability to sit, he also started to show real interest in food so I’ve been experimenting here and there. Chunk of steak to gnaw on. Apple slice to teeth with (don’t worry, it’s a HUGE chunk that he’d never be able to swallow and I’m always right beside him when he has any food.) Frozen whole green beans make his teeth feel better and frozen banana in a mesh feeder is definitely his favorite treat so far. Last night I gave him mashed sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon and he loved them! I don’t know if the two are connected, but he also slept better than he has in weeks.

This morning he tried peaches, which he wasn’t a fan of so I gave him the leftover sweet potatoes with melted butter and more cinnamon. Currently he’s eating in the Bumbo with the tray but we’re in the market for a real high chair in the coming weeks. He’s so grabby, it’s hard to keep him from knocking stuff off the counter and he’s also started to arch his back in the seat so I know it can’t contain him much longer!

More changes… official orders came through and we aren’t leaving Dahlgren until February. Pretty disappointing for us since we were SO EXCITED about moving to San Diego but the good news is, we are still going. Our plans are to spend as much time with family as possible, clean out the house more and re-evaluate things before we move 3,000 miles. We’ll also get to spend Liam’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas with his extended family and then head west to celebrate his first birthday in California!

I’m also going to working on structuring our days a bit more. I’ve been feeling really discombobulated and unorganized and want that to change immediately. I have no problem juggling Liam, the house, dogs, Ryan, our finances, etc but I want to make sure I’m not dropping any important pieces. For example, I forgot to order dog food and now they’re almost out. I missed our deadline to re-register the car tags and we got a ticket on base. It’s just a small thing we can clear up, but it’s just not like me to forget stuff like that. I’m ready to focus 100% on my family.

I don’t want to follow a strict time schedule, but a routine is important: wake up, breakfast, walk, play, nap 2 hours after getting up, lunch, more play, nap 2 hours after getting up, etc. This way Liam knows what to expect and hopefully he’ll be less wired at night. He’s been staying up very late and bedtimes are taking 2+ hours whereas before, he would go down in a matter of minutes.

I also am back racing! Ran my first 5K on Sunday and feel good about how I did. Michelle’s husband isn’t able to use his spot for the Army 10 Miler in a month so I’m going to race in his place. I need something tangible to work towards and am excited that my body is bouncing back much faster than anticipated.

Since we’re not moving until February, Ryan, Liam & I are going on a vacation to Florida in October. We had some flight vouchers we needed to use before they expired and we realized we haven’t had a real vacation since Hawaii in 2009. I am really looking forward to having a relaxing week with my husband and son at a white sand beach and private pool. 🙂

I’m also finishing my College Counseling certificate program at UCLA I started a few years ago. MyCAA pays for it as part of a military spouse program so I’m taking advantage of the funds and extra time to work on my final class. It’s a 2 month commitment and I was able to take classes before while working full time so I’m not too concerned about finding the time to get the classwork done. Once we get to California, I’ll need to complete a practicum at a school or with another counselor and then I’ll be certified to help kids and parents navigate their way through the college admission process.

So that’s what’s been happening around here this month. I told you we were busy… here’s to hoping things slow down a bit, or at least take on a better cadence. I’m exhausted trying to keep up with everything! Here’s some pictures from the past few weeks. Liam is growing by leaps and bounds and is the most adorable child I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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One Response to Seven Months & More Changes

  1. Michele Wagner says:

    You really do inspire me. I feel like I want to do so many things that you are already doing I just cant seem to get the ball rolling. I’m going to go back and read as much of your blog as I can sometime to hopefully get myself moving on all this stuff; running, healthier foods, parenting info for when it happens, writing. I just feel like I never have energy.

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