We Got Orders!


We’re going to San Diego!!!!

This was our first choice and we could not be more thrilled. Ryan worked his butt off and secured second place in the class so he was able to pick the exact place we wanted. The even better news is that he is stationed on the USS John Paul Jones, a destroyer currently undergoing upgrades.  It will be dry docked for at least the next 12 months. This means he won’t be deployed or even going underway for the next YEAR. We are very excited about this schedule and thrilled he’ll get to spend as much time with Liam as possible before going out.

No word on an official relocation date, but he needs to graduate from C school first. Then we’ll stay here for another two week school and move right after. We’re probably looking at early November. Liam and I will fly out in late September to look for a house since we don’t want to rent sight unseen and get burned like we did in Nashville. We definitely need a fenced in yard and would like to be in the Point Loma area.

I am so excited about these orders. We thought we wanted Hawaii (there was an available billet to Pearl Harbor) but we just felt like it was too far away from our family on the East coast. Yes, there is the argument of “when else would we get to live there” but I could say the same for San Diego. Both Ryan and I have wanted to move there since we met.  In 2000 he lived there for about nine months and I was set to move there the summer of 2005 when I met Ryan, so honestly it feels like we’ve come full circle; like this is where we were meant to live. There is so much about California, and San Diego in particular, that I am drawn to so I feel very at peace about moving 3,000 miles away from our families in Virginia.

Anchors Aweigh!

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One Response to We Got Orders!

  1. C. W. Dornin says:

    We are soooooooo excited for you. Make sure that house has a guest bedroom! J Congratulations.

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