Doing Stuff

We have this really weird collage of frames on our wall. I don’t know how it got to this point, but I realized after looking at it, I only like one of the pictures. So I’m working on dismantling the stupid wall and finding new guts for these frames.

The first was turned into a menu board using Emily’s example here.

I won’t reiterate her instructions but I will tell you what I did differently. Obviously mine is not as cute and crafty as hers, but then again, neither am I! 😉

I started with an old red frame and a scrap of flour sack. I stapled the fabric to the cardboard in the frame. Then I printed out BIG letters from Word (outline only to save ink) and traced them with my iron-on transfer pen. Then I transferred the letters onto some green polks dot scrap fabric. Cutting out the letters was the part that took the longest but was simple enough.

Finally, I glued the letters to the towel. It will hang on our wall and can be used as a dry erase board since its covered with the glass from the frame. It’s cute and I’m happy with how it turned out. (Sorry the picture is dark and it’s not hung but Ryan was sleeping and I had Liam in my arms so no hammer swinging tonight!)


Another little project I did today was to finish an embroidery piece I started a few days ago and display it. I found this free pattern on Pinterest and transferred it to some scrap muslin. Using scrap embroidery thread I’ve had for years, I decided on a blue theme (not much of a choice since they’re whales in an ocean!) and set to work. Once I was done, Liam & my bathroom seemed like a great place for it.

One of the frames on the wall housed an old handkerchief. Weird, I know. Ryan hated this frame the most I think so he’ll be happy to know it’s gone. Lord knows he’d never notice it missing anyway! I loved the square shape for this particular project but the white color looked funny with the cream muslin. Turns out I had just enough juice left in an old can of bright yellow spray paint and gave that thing a new lease on life! It’s far from perfect but I love how it looks hanging on the wall.

Some days are real craft flops and fails so having two projects that came together- and with supplies I already had on hand, was a real surprise! Now if my son would just go to sleep…

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One Response to Doing Stuff

  1. mommymeyer says:

    I like your whales! They’re super cute 🙂 I love making stuff too! I have an old bulletin board that is peeling that I was going to turn into a menu board but I might make into a Month/Day calendar for Jackson so he can change the numbers and months as they go by. I can’t decide yet.

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