Half Birthday

How has it been 6 months since I had Liam? It has flown by and yet I have cherished every last moment. I can’t wait to wake up each morning and spend the day with our adorable son.

Today, instead of going for our normal hour walk around the base, I decided to do something special with Liam. We drove down Colonial Beach, where we’d explored over the weekend with Ryan, and went for a walk on the boardwalk and shoreline there. I enjoyed the change of scenery and I think Liam did too.
We got a quiet nursing session in before getting back into the car to head home and were joined by this guy! This picture does not do him justice. He was HUGE!
On the way home, I passed a farmer’s stand and stopped off for some fresh tomatoes, squash and corn. As I was driving away, I saw a sign for Pick Your Own berries and on a whim, turned down the road. I ended up on a lovely small farm with an old French farmer and his German Shepherd who pointed me to the blackberry grove. I put Liam in the Boba and set off. We ended up with about two pints and the kind man said he doesn’t charge people to pick! Imagine that… I plan on turning them into cobbler tomorrow. Not Paleo/primal friendly but delicious nonetheless.
On our way home, Liam actually fell asleep in his car seat (!!!) and then napped for about 30 min in the house. Later, he spent time with his daddy while I went for a run and then slept for almost 3 hours while Ryan and I had dinner just the two of us.

That was our half birthday celebration! Liam is not quite sitting unassisted so we’re still waiting to give him solids. He sits comfortably in the Bumbo for quite some time, but if I leave him sitting on the floor, I’ll come back to him either face planted or laying on his back or front. No hurry, of course. He’s not going to be a baby forever!



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