She’s Crafty!

For my birthday, my grandma gave me her old sewing machine. This thing is a beast and they don’t build machines like it anymore. It comes in its own cabinet and basically, it’s awesome. I could not, however, find the time to figure out how to thread it. Yes, I know how to thread sewing machines but this one is different. More high tech I guess?

Anyway, my mom came to the rescue and threaded it for me last weekend. Since then, I’ve been busy! I made a teething/nursing necklace for Liam following Joni’s tutorial. He’s been SO distracted nursing lately and I hoped this would help. It has! And he likes to chew on it as well. So I’d say this project is a success.

I also has two old baskets lying around which I knew needed to be repurposed. The first was an old white wicker laundry basket whose handle got broken in one of our many moves. But the basket itself is fine and I’ve had it for a good many years so I wanted to keep it.

I spray painted it black and using Emily’s tutorial, sewed a liner for it. I’m loving the fact I have so much scrap fabric and ribbons around. The projects are endless! It’s obviously less than perfect but it will work great as a home for Liam’s toys in the living room when the time comes. For now, it houses our diapers in his closet.

The other basket I resurrected was an old apple picking basket we had from our CSA in Nashville. I’d kept it in the trunk to hold our reusable bags but felt it took up too much room. I have needed a way to corral all my babywearing carriers and wraps so this seemed perfect.

I spray painted it light yellow (trying to use up all our paint before we move again) and was excited to discover I had fabric on hand which matched it perfectly! I made a liner using Delia’s tutorial. This one went much faster than the first. Liam was kind enough to take a long nap and I got both done in one sitting. Both liners were made with thicker “outdoor” cotton fabric, not just quilting cotton, something I felt was important since these baskets were going to take quite a beating.

There you have it! More projects in the works…

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