20 Chore Tuesday & More!

Inspired, as always, by my dear friend Emily who blogs very regularly at Joyful Abode, I’m jumping head first into 20 Chore Tuesday! As luck would have it, however, yesterday was a VERY challenging parenting day for me and a rough teething one for Liam. Suffice it to say I got stuff done, but not nearly everything I wanted to.

Here are the lists I posted in the morning:

Successful #1. Laundry didn’t get done. Caught up on work, went for a much needed run instead of Shredding, and did NOT paint my toe nails.


Haven’t found a race yet, or made the photo book, missed Dine & Dash, did not do pattern for my basket liner. I did switch out Liam’s Medium gDiapers for Large out of necessity. Ryan’s drawer did not get organized.


No donation or Narnia (I crossed this one off because I’m going to have Ryan tackle it with me). I DID get the kitchen things done! Still, my 20 Chore Tuesday ended up being 9 Chore Tuesday. Sad.


And then this was my view for the rest of the day…

Funny thing, the checked list above was all stuff I did before 9am! I thought the day was off to a great, productive start…  then the Teething gods laugh at me. My goal for next week will be to try and get the entire list done, of course, since that’s the point of the exercise. I realize it was a bit much anyway. For a list of 20 items, they need to be small and manageable, not “re-organize the entire under-the-stairs Narnia closet”.

I’m also starting a new cleaning approach. I’ve been a SAHM (really, WAHM) for almost 6 months and I still have a lot to learn about time management. Some thing I realized the past few days is I need to have specific items which get done on a weekly basis or else I feel like I’m constantly on a hamster wheel- laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. I realize those things pretty much need constant upkeep but I want to dedicate a particular day per week to focus on them. Not only so I can do a better job at completing tasks, but also feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. Sometimes I look around and wonder, “What on earth did I do today??”

So here’s my rough schedule, pending amendments after it’s been executed once or twice:

MONDAY- Dust, straighten after the weekend

TUESDAY- 20 Chore Tuesday


THURSDAY- Bathrooms

FRIDAY- Vacuum downstairs & mop

SATURDAY- Mop porch

SUNDAY- grocery shop/meal plan, vacuum upstairs

Ongoing items are: diaper & workout clothes laundry, keeping up with the dishes and kitchen (with Ryan’s help). I’m envisioning if there’s a slow week or I have extra time doing deep cleaning things like- wiping out refrigerator, sweeping porch, etc. I like the Motivated Moms calendar but most of it is second nature to me. I do need ideas for deeper cleaning though because I’m bad at those. I’m not sure our kitchen floor was mopped more than once when we lived in Great Lakes (!!!) To be fair, we did have a 9×9 floor carpet down.

This was half of my laundry pile this morning

Done! And put away!!

Do you have set days for particular recurring chores or do you take a more haphazard approach?

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2 Responses to 20 Chore Tuesday & More!

  1. Kendra says:

    I find that if I allot a certain amount of time to each task on my “To Do” list it helps me manage my time more efficiently. It helps me get rid of the unreasonable things and seems to make my tasks less daunting. I know this may not be ideal because Big L’s teething makes things a little more difficult but just a thought.

  2. michele wagner says:

    attacking narnia has been on my list since we got here and it somehow never gets done. good luck!

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