Pinterest Projects: Round Three

Let’s waste no time and dive right into my Pinterest Projects!

10×5 Project

I’ve been on a cleaning, purging and organizing tear the past few weeks. No area of the house is safe, no object immune from my scrutiny. With our impending move this fall, we need to lighten our load. As of 2013, Ryan & I will have moved EIGHT times in FIVE years. Some stuff we’ve been dragging around that whole time without getting much use. Well, no more! If we haven’t used or worn the item in the past year, it’s gone. (for the most part)

This post got me started, I think.

Green Onions

I use green onions in spurts. Often I’ll buy them and they go bad without me ever opening the bag. (for shame) This has saved those poor onions. It works! The onions remain green and fresh and what’s best- you only have to chop once!

Vegetable Latkes

These always look so yummy when they pop up on my feed. Not sure if it’s cause I used frozen and then thawed squash but they were a dud. I squeezed every last ounce of water out but still, they were soggy. Sad.

Paleo Pizza Salad

I’m eating mostly primal/Paleo these days and always on the hunt for a new fun way to eat my old favorites. This one was ok. More of a pizza stir fry than salad. I think I’ll stick with my cauliflower pizza crust instead. 🙂

(No picture for this one as the website won’t allow it.)

Paleo Crab Cakes

Yes! Make these! They are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Granted, I did tweak the recipe a bit using Paula Deen’s since I found the ingredient list rather boring. I used a small can of crab and basically halved the recipe. I stuck with the coconut flour, red onion, garlic and salt & pepper. I used regular mayo and since we didn’t have chipotle powder I went with Paula’s spice combination and added:  Worcestershire sauce, lemon, cayenne powder and dry mustard powder. I fried them up in coconut oil and WOAH. So delicious and moist inside, crispy on the outside. I made a Remoulade sauce to go along with it and served it to myself on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Cheap Korean Beef

I don’t know that you should ever include the words “cheap” and “meat” in the recipe title because that’s what this tasted like. Maybe I cooked it wrong? Probably not though since I know how to follow directions. This was a disappointing meal. I’m just glad I wasn’t serving it to Ryan or we both would’ve gone hungry! Don’t recommend trying it.

Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin

One word- Yes. One thousands times, YES. I made this using leftover spaghetti squash from a meal we had earlier in the week. I’d estimate I had about 1/2 squash, maybe a little less. I eyeballed the measurements, used a combination of sour cream and Chobani Plain Yogurt (for added protein) and maybe a pinch too much cayenne pepper. But this came out delicious. I ate the whole loaf pan for dinner. I’m considering going to the store today just to buy another squash so I can make it again. It’s that good.

Paleo Zucchini Brownies

As with zucchini bread, once the squash is cooked in enough sugar and other yummy stuff, it loses any flavor it once had, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You can hide zucchini in a plethora of food items should you have a picky eater. Ryan was definitely fooled. To quote him, “Stop tricking me into eating healthy food!”. I cannot do that honey. Sorry.

These turned out yummy. More cake-like that I typically like from brownies but I’m wondering if I added too much baking powder or not enough zucchini (I only had 1 cup, not 1 1/2 as the recipe calls for). Regardless, they were delicious enough to make again and add to my growing repertoire of favorite Paleo recipes.

Coconut Manna Cups

These I made using coconut chips from Tropical Traditions instead of the coconut butter it calls for. I do have the butter, but I wanted to use the chips since I had them on hand. I also added chopped hazelnuts instead of walnuts because I like the flavor combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate. So, I didn’t really follow this recipe at all except that I credit it for giving the idea in the first place! Basically, melt chocolate, add nuts or whatever and freeze. Done!


Despite the lovely picture below, mine were not this pretty. They leaked while cooking and fell apart after cooling. Next time I’m going to shred the coconut chips in the food processor before attempting again.

I know, I promised more “projects” instead of just food but this is what I’ve been doing lately- eating! Also lots of working out and being a mom. Hang tight… in a few more weeks Liam will be SIX MONTHS OLD!!!

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