20 Weeks, Baby!

I always heard how quickly time passes once you have kids and now I am fully aware of this phenomenon. It seems like yesterday Liam was a tiny newborn, sleeping and eating all day and all night. It also feels like he has been a part of our family for years. He is such a sweet boy. He is always happy except when he’s riding in the car! Smiles and laughter are a huge part of our days. I have never smiled so much in my whole life. Looking at him, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood, he just brings out the best in everyone he meets.

Liam recently discovered his feet and just this morning started to chew on them. His hands are always in his mouth since he’s teething and whoever is holding him often finds their fingers being chewed on as well. So far he’s not been too fussy. We’ve used Hyland’s teething tablets, frozen washcloths and Advil once to help ease the symptoms. But I have yet to see or feel any pop through his gums.

He’s still practicing rolling over but seems much more interested in sitting and standing. He can sit for a few minutes unassisted but he’s hunched over so we’re going to wait another few months before starting solids. He is able to stand holding onto the couch, table or our hands which he loves doing for hours on end.

As each day passes, Liam becomes a little more independent. He likes spending time looking and playing under his Tree Top play gym, sitting in his swing, and rolling around in his pack & play. The Bumbo is very popular and he’ll sit on the counter while I cook or on the table while we eat dinner. We try to include him in our daily activities as much as possible.

This past month we set up a crib next to our bed so he has his own space but is close by for night breastfeeding. We side-carred it which basically means the mattresses are flush and level, making it a bigger bed. Ryan is still working nights so we have the bed to ourselves most nights but when he’s in bed, it’s nice for Liam to have his own area. Naps are getting more consistent and he’s able to sleep alone for a few hours once I get him to sleep. Even that is getting easier! I’ll nurse him for 10-30 minutes and then sneak out of the room, leaving him to sleep alone. It’s lovely to have some time to myself to work or relax but it’s funny, after a few hours I really start to miss him!

Despite the extremely hot weather, I’ve been staying consistent with my get in shape goals- walking and working out everyday, eating better, etc. I’ve been tracking my diet and exercise on My Fitness Pal which has been super helpful since I’m a very visual person. Seeing what is going in and what I’m burning is really great. It’s a slow road though so I’m trying to be patient!

Liam and I went to Deep Creek Lake this past weekend for some much needed relaxation. He did ok on the trip, but it still took us 7 hours for what should have been a 4 1/2 hour drive. I sure hope he gets better as he grows up!

And now, pictures!

Hanging on the boat dock on base

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2 Responses to 20 Weeks, Baby!

  1. Kendra says:

    Love that there are always photos of where Joshua proposed. Big L is precious and you are looking FABULOUS SIL. Sorry I missed you guys. Lake week needs to get on the calendar for next year.

  2. mommymeyer says:

    He’s got such beautiful blue eyes!! And yes! to the feet thing – Jameson constantly has his feet in his hands/mouth, lol

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