Four Months Already!

Yep, this Friday Big L will be 4 months old. He’s the light of our lives and grows and changes on the daily. He’s babbling like crazy, loves to watch Daddy sing and play guitar, blow bubbles, play with Sophie, go on walks with Momma, be carried in the Didymos wrap or Ergo or Boba (though front carries are getting harder these days). I think he’s around 17 lbs? Definitely outgrown 3 month clothes and probably fits into 6 month if I ever dressed him. He’s so much happier in just a diaper. He’s been using his little potty regularly now after naps and when I notice him making his cues. With Ryan still on midnight shift, we’re not able to use the room for naps so I’ve been getting by downstairs but he does sleep so much better in bed where it’s dark and quiet and comfortable for him.

He’s getting better at standing and balancing. No real signs of crawling yet but he’s got great head control and is overall a strong little guy! He loves being read to already and really looks at the pictures when I hold the book in front of him. We read Goodnight Moon every night and he really responds well to the routine. When the book is over, he knows it’s time to nurse and he starts making his snorting “I’m ready for milk” noise. It’s really quite adorable. We’ve been blessed with a wonderful night sleeper. Since Ryan leaves for work at 11:30pm, Liam and I sleep in the bed alone. We usually go upstairs around 9 or 10 every night and he’ll sleep hard (waking to dream feed every few hours) until at least 8 or 9 the next morning. Since our tv got fried in an electrical storm, I’ve been reading a lot in bed!

I’ve been getting out and being more active the past few weeks. I cut out gluten again and my energy level sky rocketed! (I slipped back into a bad diet after our move.) Now I’m focusing on Paleo recipes and trying to eat that way whenever possible. With my inactivity, I put on about 10 lbs after dropping down quite dramatically after Liam’s birth. Time to get serious about my weight loss again. I feel yucky and look yucky so I’m back on the straight and narrow with some specific goals I’m working towards. They’re in a scattered order but you get the idea.

1. Fit back into ALL of my pants. That means you size 4 Lucky’s!!
2. Walk/jog 5 days a week for at least 45 min. Already on week 2 of this and going strong!
3. Insanity workout with my Navy wife buddy, Brittany 3 times a week (is that enough Brit??)
4. Diet plan- Cut out sugar whenever possible in my foods, make more things ahead of time so I have them on hand when I need to eat but L is fussy. This was my biggest downfall when it came to gluten… Crackers and cheese don’t require two hands to prepare or eat and when you’re nursing ’round the clock, you have to eat eventually. Now I have real food to make sure I still eat well. Emily at Joyful Abode has some of my favorite recipes. Already in my kitchen are grain-free Graham crackers, egg frittatas, and fixins for dairy free piña colada smoothies.
Which brings me to my next dietary change- cutting out milk. I’m still allowing myself cheese, butter, and mayo but for now no straight dairy like yogurt, ice cream, or milk. I’ve been struggling with a weird stomach thing that wakes me up at with severe nausea and pain for a few months now, which I think might be related to a dairy allergy. I cut out milk three days ago and haven’t had the pain since. I’m hoping it also helps with Liam’s spit up problem but I’m not counting on it!

So that’s it for now. I’ll work on these things for the next few months & am confident I’ll notice a change quickly. I just got lazy… Imagine that with a newborn, part-time working from home job, two dogs and a house to maintain that I wouldn’t have time to work out! Of course, those things are all still my responsibilities but after a few months, I think I’ve got the hang of it a little better now. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!








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2 Responses to Four Months Already!

  1. Kendra says:

    ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing all of this. I hope the no dairy thing is helpful. I mean, I hope you don’t have to give up all things deliciously dairy filled but maybe it is the answer. I gave up milk just over two years ago and felt better. I have recently had to cut out ice cream too though. 😦

    Hope to see you and Big L this week!

  2. littlechickadeephotography says:

    Nooooo! Not the Chobani!

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