3 Months!

Liam turned 3 months last week and he’s growing physically and mentally by leaps and bounds. He loves to stand and though his balance needs some work, his leg strength is astonishing for his age. He loves to talk, smile, laugh and just take it all in. He adores his Daddy and it’s so fun to see the two of them together. It is amazing to see as Liam learns new skills. He has mastered grabbing for things and actually grasping them. He loves to kick and swim in the bath tub, pays close attention when being read to, watches the ceiling fan, and looks at himself in the mirror.
We started EC (elimination communication) when Liam was very young but I stopped for awhile because I felt like we weren’t in sync. Now that he’s able to sit assisted, he is pretty consistent about using the little potty 2-3 times a day. I offer it when we get up in the morning and after his naps and he usually goes immediately. It’s really cool to see how he already knows what to do when given the opportunity!
We’ve been cloth diapering using gDiapers since we got to VA and I love them. We’ve had less blow-outs with cloth than with disposables. Plus they’re cuter, better for the earth, cheaper & don’t give Liam diaper rash, which he gets if we use sposies for too long when we’re away from home.
I wear Liam all the time. At very least once a day. It makes life so much easier for me. He loves to be worn in the Ergo and Boba wrap. I recently bought a woven wrap and haven’t quite mastered the carries but I know we’ll become fast friends soon!
Breastfeeding is also great and despite the fact he spits up like a fountain after eating on the right side, he’s growing like a weed! I’m looking into donating milk because I produce so much but without an electric pump, it’s just not feasible. My hand pump is only good for small amounts. I’ve been freezing some in bags for when we leave Liam for future date night and ice cube trays to use when he’s teething.
We took the jogging stroller for our first outing and Liam did ok. It was hot out so we ended up nursing for awhile on a bench in the shade. I also brought my ring sling just in case he had a breakdown and sure enough, I ended up pushing the stroller and wearing him in the carrier! He’ll get used to it soon enough.
Mother’s Day was spent eating chocolate covered strawberries (Thanks to my wonderful sisters!) and snuggling my little guy. Perfection.
Here are some pictures from the last two weeks-



Jenny Jump up!


He hasn’t quite found his thumb yet…



Going for a walk with the ring sling. Liam isn’t too sure about this hat.



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