Change of Pace

As a personal life blogger, I often struggle with sharing my life without over-sharing. This particular situation is one where I will be vague because it is personal, however it affects something I blog about often- running. I got the “no way” on returning to running yesterday. As someone who has identified herself as a runner for a number of years, this news is nothing short of heartbreaking. I feel like something important has been taken away without a proper chance to say good-bye. Was my half-marathon last June truly the Last Race I’ll ever run?! Say it ain’t so.

There are a few things I can do to improve my chances of returning to running in the distant future, but honestly, I’m not convinced I’ll be able to. My body has been through two pregnancies where I gained 40+ lbs each, labored VERY quickly with Liam and pushed both of my sons out within 10 minutes. Suffice it to say, pregnancy has not been gentle to me. Healing has to take place before I can go back to where I was last year.

The main issue I struggle with is that running to me was the only form of exercise I actually loved and was decent at. I’m not fast, by any means, but I can run for a long time. And I find real joy in it. To me, walking seems so wimpy. I don’t know how I’m going to reconcile these feelings with the fact my body is simply not able to do what I want it to. It feels so sad to me that something I love so much has been ripped away from me at the tender age of 32.

Liam is worth it though. I wouldn’t trade him for a million marathons. Obviously. But I am really sad and disappointed. And I just got a new jogging stroller for Mother’s Day! Oh the irony… Ryan has been sweet and said we’re going to map out my own Missy Marathon so I can complete the distance with Liam, stopping as necessary to breastfeed and eat. No Saggin’ Wagon with this one- you can take as long as you need to finish! Who wants to join me??

Daddy & Liam watching the Caps

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4 Responses to Change of Pace

  1. What a bummer! I’m sorry sister:( That’s really hard news to get. Take the time, heal, find other fitness passions and maybe you’ll get a chance to run again!

  2. Michele Wanger says:

    I’ve been contemplating training for a triatholon…I’m new to running and have never been very good at it. Although I’ve always thought its a cheap way to stay in shape, and once I get in the groove I always feel great. I just always feel so awkward while running. when do you plan on doing this run?

  3. Jan Harrod says:

    Water exercise will keep you moving and build muscle and stamina plus great calorie burn AND much easier on bodies that need a little TLC.

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