April Update

I want you all to know that I have tried to write this post for almost a week now. It’s hard to believe how busy I am when it seems like my days are an endless cycle of laundry, cooking, cleaning, burping, diapers, sleeping & nursing. Breastfeeding is SO unbelievably time consuming. I wish I could get more done while doing it, but I just can’t. It’s my time to sit, be still and love on Liam. I’ve tried to work on the computer, but it’s damn near impossible so I play on my phone and stare into his sweet blue eyes.

So I apologize I’m a terrible blogger. How to these “Mommy Bloggers” do it?? But our house is running smoothly, I’m working 25 hours a week and full-time mommy-ing so I think I’m doing a damn good job. Something’s gotta give. Unfortunately it’s the blog most of the time.

I’ve been getting out a lot lately which has done wonders for my mental state. Even if it’s just walking to the commissary or USO or going to Wal-Mart. I feel so much better if I’ve left the house so I’m working on doing that daily. Let’s just say some days are better than others.

In the past few weeks I’ve learned so much about myself and how I am as a person, and more importantly, a mother. Ryan always tells me what a great mom I am and I need to start seeing myself as that. Deep down I know that I am but I often also see the things I didn’t get done that day. The vacuuming that was put off. The workout that was cut short. The dinner that got half cooked and had to be completed by Ryan. I don’t have the time or hands to make beautiful blankets or whip up gourmet meals but I do give Liam 100% of myself. All day. Everyday. And I’m pretty proud of that fact.

He’s such an easy child to love. He is almost always in a wonderful mood except when he’s going through his developmental leaps or grown spurts. And then he’s not that fussy, he just wants ME. So I have to put things on hold, and my family’s plans on the back burner, and focus on his needs because it’s really not that much he’s asking of me. His dependency on me is for such a short period of time, I want to make sure he gets what he needs as a growing baby. I am so fortunate, so blessed to be able to stay home with him. I take my job as a mother very seriously. He is the light of my life and I want him to grow up knowing that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Liam is the spit up King currently and has to wear a bib constantly. It only comes off when it’s time for bed!

One particularly hard day, we camped out in bed with a picnic for both of us!

His favorite place… laying on Mommy (or Daddy)

This thing has saved my life! We don’t have a stroller currently so I wear Liam in the Ergo for walks, shopping, and even around the house when he wants to nap and I need to get things done.

Smooth Operator

Seriously. Could I be any cuter??

No. 🙂

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