Family Update!

I am a bad blogger. I admit it. I mean, I haven’t posted since March 3rd. But on the flip side, being a bad blogger means I’m being a really good momma. The past few days were pretty rough for me. Liam wasn’t sleeping at night or napping during the day for more than 30-45 minutes. Anytime he wasn’t sleeping he wanted to be eating. Or he was crying. Definitely makes for a stressed out Momma. But he woke up this morning in a better mood and hasn’t had any crying spells yet so I’m hoping this latest growth spurt is behind us. In fact, I have to move up to Medium gDiapers today!

When we got into town from Chicago, one of our first stops was Studio Diana. Lauren & her mom were kind enough to take pictures of Liam and I have to say, they did a phenomal job, as always. Even as a 2 week old baby, he was very expressive and his personality bursts through the pictures.

Here are a few… it’s so hard to pick my favorites!

As you can see in this picture, Liam’s been holding his head up when he’s held since he was born. He is so strong and loves to look around at the world passing by. He pushes down on his legs and feet when held, makes eye contact with any and everyone and has been coo-ing/”talking” to us for weeks now. He is ok with tummy time but gets bored after awhile and would much rather sit up to look around.

Liam got to meet so many people as soon as we got to VA. Here he is with his brother, Aden.

And Uncle Josh-

The boys are really good with him and often sit next to him. Charlie is especially fond of Liam while Jeffrey is still mainly curious.

Jeffrey smelling/"kissing" Liam

Charlie's favorite spot

Liam petting Charlie

Co-sleeping is going really well except for the nights he’s fussy. Then Dad gets banished to the couch downstairs so he can get some sleep. Other than that, it’s so sweet how Liam likes to cuddle with me and actually notices the second I get up and he’s lying there alone.

Family bed

Diaper changes got better for awhile but they upset him again lately. His startle reflex is on high alert and he seems to be scared when I lay him down on the changing table. I keep my hand on him and talk him through the process which sort of helps but I think it’s just a matter of him growing out of it.

His gassiness is also improving but we still have to be careful after a feeding to not jostle him around too much. We don’t have to use the Colic Calm very often so his digestive system seems to be maturing. He definitely lets us know when he’s uncomfortable though. In fact, he’s good at letting us know when he needs ANYthing!

We’re settling into our new house nicely. It’s perfect size for us and has tons of storage. The only downside is the lack of fenced-in yard but it’s at the top of our list for our next permanent duty station. There’s no way I’ll be able to handle the dogs and baby and full-time house stuff while Ryan’s deployed without one.

Liam loves to be worn and will usually settle down when he’s placed in either the Ergo or Moby wrap. We’ve mastered breastfeeding in either carrier which is super helpful. In fact, he nursed the whole time we went grocery shopping on Sunday! It’s great being so flexible and I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with him so far.

Lately I’ve been doing work for my brother-in-law so my days are pretty hectic. Not only am I taking care of Liam but also answering phone calls, responding to emails and just being available for him. Ryan is on hold here so his days are much shorter than we’re used to so he not only gets a 90 minute lunch but is home by 3pm. Of course he’s been wonderful around the house when Liam is being fussy or I’m overwhelmed. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful man taking care of us.

This past weekend we celebrated my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. They set such a wonderful example for all my siblings and I felt very honored to be there as they renewed their vows with new wedding rings and all!

To top it off, my mom wore her wedding dress (which my Grandma sewed). Can you believe she fit into it?! FIVE kids and 40 years later and the woman is the same size? She’s amazing.

4 generations

Grandpa, Liam & Aden

I think I touched on all the high points the past month. I promise to be better about updating… I hope.

SIL/Aunt Kendra

6 Weeks old today!

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2 Responses to Family Update!

  1. Laura says:

    WOW!! Missy, you are an awesome momma. Liam is precious, you look amazing (and like a pro!) and I don’t even know what to say about Aden…I mean, he’s so old!!??!! Love all the pics and Maggie J and i were chatting that we would love to get together with you soon 🙂 xxoo

  2. Kendra says:

    Wish I had known that picture was being taken! Clearly something funny was happening. 😉
    Love me some Liam (and his Momma of course)!

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