Liam’s Week Two

This has been quite the hectic week around here with moving, packing, cleaning and finalizing things before we leave Illinois. Liam has been so great the whole time, spending a lot of hours in the Moby and ring sling. He’s such a good little sleeper, I just put him in the baby carrier and he’s out. Then my hands are free to do other things! Ingenious.

Went back to the pediatrician for a follow up on his jaundice. He’s slowly improving so we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing- breastfeeding on demand, watching his diapers to make sure he’s pooping enough (jaundice leaves the body through poo) and put him in sunlight through the windows when possible. It had spread down his whole body last week but had moved back up to his chest by Monday so they’re not worried. And he’s put on 6 oz since his appointment so he’s past birth weight! Booby milk is working!

Breastfeeding is going really really well. We’ve got our latches down and he’s able to latch in pretty much any position including while in the baby carrier and lying on our sides. I love cosleeping with him and know he does too. He is always curled up right next to me with his hand on my chest (“in the cookie jar” as Ryan & I like to say!). I’m able to respond to him so much faster and feeding him is super easy. As soon as we get to VA, we’re going to start looking for a King sized bed to make things more comfortable. It’s fine now with him 2 weeks old but in another 6-9 months, he’s gonna take up a whole lot more room! My plan is to be flexible with him. As long as we’re all ok with him sleeping with us, he’ll stay for awhile. I’m sure soon he’ll want to sleep on his own and I’m ok with that as well.

I’m finishing this blog post and we’re already halfway through Week 3 so I’ll end this and save anymore updates for Week 3. Including our very eventful trip to VA!

Eating after his first real bath!

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