Liam’s Week 1

Liam loves to sleep. Obviously. He sleeps about 20 hours a day in pretty much any position. He loves to lay on Daddy’s chest or be wrapped up in the baby wrap on me. He breastfeeds about 5-7 hours a day and produces enough diapers to show for it. Lots of laundry has been done, probably more this past week than the month prior! He loves to poop and spit up as soon as we change him into clean clothes. Plus, we’re cloth diapering and somehow knows when he has a clean one on. So thankful for our washer & dryer! The dogs have grown used to their little brother and are very protective of him, switching couches if Ryan or I move Liam. They will follow us upstairs when we change his diaper and come running if they hear him crying.

We’ve seen some pretty hilarious faces from our little guy.  A few smiles, though probably accidental, are still adorable. He makes lots of noises when he’s awake and loves to wave his arms around. He is not a fan of diaper changes but the past day has gotten better about it. Liam loves to cosleep with me and falls right asleep no matter what position we’re in. Of course he wakes me up every 2 hours like clockwork to eat so I’m glad he’s right next to me in bed. Makes my life so much easier!

We’re getting ready to move on Monday and should be in Virginia by Friday. Hoping our stuff will arrive shortly after that so we can get settled into our new home and not disrupt things too much for him. Say a little prayer for us on Wed-Fri as we drive 800 miles in separate cars from IL to VA. It’s gonna be an interesting trip.

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One Response to Liam’s Week 1

  1. You have so much going on!

    He’s beautiful and has such a caring mama:) So glad breastfeeding is going well and that you’re cloth diapering too. You two look great if not super tired. hehe

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