Knocked Up – 37 & 38 Weeks

Nothing has really changed since my last post in regards to the pregnancy except I’m getting bigger and more uncomfortable. Still having tons of contractions for hours and hours (they lasted 8 hours the night before last) but no baby. I read a birth story on Birth Without Fear blog the other day that made me cry because she was having weeks of prodromal labor as well. One line resonated with me- “The past two weeks of contractions that started the same way but always left us empty handed had also nearly emptied me of my confidence in my own body, my own dream birth, my own story.”

I’m trying to not get discouraged and stay positive that he WILL come but it’s very tough to not lose faith in my ability to birth considering how many “false” starts I seem to have had.

To complicate things, we found out a few days ago that we are moving in 3 weeks. Ryan is going to school in Dahlgren, VA and we need to report by 2/28. Liam is due 2/21. You can see where the issue is. If he does decide to wait until his due date (or even after, God forbid) we’re in trouble. Fortunately Ryan was able to get an extension on when we need to report to VA but his last date to report to Great Lakes is 2/28. So anytime we take outside the allotted three days to arrive to VA is going to use his leave. However, the Dahlgren school is allowing us to arrive “in March” so that is definitely helpful. Our issue now lies in when to schedule the movers. We’re both so anxious for Liam to arrive. He’s making planning this move quite difficult!

We were told by the midwife I need two weeks to recover and establish a breastfeeding relationship with Liam so matter when he arrives, we will be here for two weeks after his birth. The movers need a date when they’re packing us, Dahlgren housing needs a date when we’re arriving, and Great Lakes housing needs a date when we’re moving out. But right now, we have nothing. Because he’s not ready to come out yet.

We’ve been asked by numerous people why we don’t get induced. Yes, it would be much more convenient to have him born today. However, I am unwilling to put him or myself at risk for convenience sake. Liam will be born when his body is ready. I refuse to have artificial hormones put into my body to trick it into doing what it WILL do on its own, eventually. Yes I am uncomfortable. Yes I’d like to control things. Yes I’d like him born ASAP but there are just somethings both Ryan & I are unwilling to mess with. I’m so thankful my husband is on the same page as I am with this because having a united front is so important in a birthing situation.

So that’s where we are. Stuck in the middle. I’m doing what I can around the house, which is precious little. We need to sell some furniture and clean a few things but for the most part we’re ready to move. We’ve only been here since May so we haven’t accumulated too many unnecessary items. The main issue is going to be what to pack for Liam to be on the road and away from our stuff for 7-10 days. We’ll keep you guys posted!

Here’s me in Target dressing room yesterday. I went to stock up on nursing gear so we can discreetly breastfeed on the road and around strangers while we move. I caught a glimpse of myself from behind where I barely look pregnant and then laughed out loud when I turned sideways so I had to share both. I love being pregnant but I can’t wait to get back in shape!

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2 Responses to Knocked Up – 37 & 38 Weeks

  1. Kendra says:

    We can’t wait to meet him but understand his need to stay “in” where is comfortable! Good for you for sticking to your guns about not inducing. Can’t wait to have y’all back in VA!

  2. Holy cow! Three weeks to move! Doesn’t the Navy have a frigging clue????

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