Knocked Up – Week 35

We’re into week 36 at this point and I know I haven’t been the best at updating lately but rest assured we are alive and well! Things have been good as we near the end of the pregnancy. I’m SUPER uncomfortable pretty much 100% of the time. Sitting, laying, walking, whatever. I feel huge. I AM huge (not abnormally big, just late pregnancy large) for my body type and stature so I’m trying to stay positive but sometimes I honestly wonder what he’s doing in there and how it’s possible for such a little guy to kick so damn hard! Little feet get stuck in my ribs. Hands seem to try and break out through my belly button. Who knows what presses against my bladder in any position I lay. Acid reflux & heartburn are constantly plaguing me, peeing all day and all night. Excruciating pain when I get up from sitting but it passes after I walk around for a minute. Despite all the normal pregnancy complaints, I am making an effort to enjoy the beauty of pregnancy and the miracle that is happening and has happened in my body over the past 9 months. I feel so honored to have carried our son this far with very few complications and I hope the last few weeks will be just as smooth.

Gained 1 lb from last week’s OB appointment to this week’s but my fundal height (measurement from pubic bone to top of uterus) also grew by 2 centimeters (measuring at 37 now) so he must be getting ready to come out and is packing on the pounds. +30 overall total weight gain- give or take. Will have a more exact weight after midwife appointment on Saturday.

Based on our follow up ultrasound today, he’s about 7 pounds right now which sounds just right. Of course those can be off by a pound or more in either direction, however Aden was born this week in my pregnancy 14 years ago and he weighed in at 7lb 9oz so if Liam is 7lbs, he’s right on track with his brother. Let’s just hope I don’t go over my due date or we’re looking at a 10 pounder here! Ultrasound is still measuring him a week early (2/14) so we’re taking bets at work for his arrival date. I wouldn’t be upset if he came the first week or two in February. 😉

Dilated 1cm; 50% effaced which is totally normal for 36 weeks. This morning he was lying head down, facing inward towards my belly, spine against my right side which is a good laboring position. But he still flip flops from one side to the other so he’s definitely not in final birthing position yet.

Liam’s room is completely done! It still looks kind of half-finished because we have no crib but everything that’s supposed to be in there, is there. Our plan is to have him sleep in the bassinette next to the bed for awhile and then upgrade to a King so he can co-sleep with us. We’re just not sure how he’s going to be so we don’t want to invest in a larger bed if it turns out he sleeps better alone. In which case, we’ll get a crib and set it up in our room. But we figure we have some trial & error ahead of us before we buy any more furniture.

Birth supplies have been completely assembled. Birth kit with the medical supplies, birth certificate, etc came a week or two ago and once our waterproof mattress cover arrives, I’ll make the bed up as directed by the midwife (like three sets of sheets need to go on there). Not sure when I’ll have Ryan line the floors with plastic but probably not until I actually start labor. Debbie will be visiting next week for our home visit which will mark the official “IN THE CLEAR” date! As of 1/31, I’m green light to give birth at home. We are totally going to make it, right Liam?!

Last week was bitter sweet in our house. My best friend Lauren lost her father on Wednesday to cancer. She has been taking care of him for the past four months in California and was there when he passed. Steve was such a wonderful person and profoundly influenced who Lauren is today. If you had the privilege of knowing him, you understand what I mean when I say this is a man who lived and loved life. He did not let himself be held back by fears and inhibitions and yet remained kind and generous to the core. Thankfully his legacy will live on through his daughters as they recognize what a truly unique man their father was and strive to make him proud every day of their lives. My heart is with all of the Ungaro family as they mourn the loss of such a great man.

On Friday, my co-workers surprised me with a baby shower which was totally unexpected and wonderful. I have really enjoyed working there and it was nice to feel appreciated and celebrated as I know the pregnancy was less than convenient for our department.

Nothing else to report. We’re ready to meet our little boy and are seriously coming to grips with the fact we’re going to be PARENTS in like 1-4 weeks. Woah. Parents.

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2 Responses to Knocked Up – Week 35

  1. Lauren says:

    You look great love, all belly! I showed my dad the pregnancy portraits my mom did of you and he smiled from ear to ear 🙂
    Love and miss you! Xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness you’re so close!!

    I can’t wait to hear about your home birthing experience. I’m totally fascinated by it but can’t do it personally as my home isn’t really appropriately sized or designed for it…as in, it’s tiny and carpet and SUPER small bathroom.

    I hope your little guy comes soon:)

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