Knocked Up – Week 34

I honestly get so confused with how far along I am since the OB has one due date (which she won’t change) and my MW has another (who also won’t change it). I just know I’m pregnant.

I actually haven’t gained any weight since my last appointment which is crazy but due to the fact I’ve lost lots of fluid weight/swelling. I really feel like I’m all belly. People have been saying that from the beginning but after you see these pictures from this week, you’ll know what I mean.

My days seem to be a never ending stream of heartburn, intense thirst, small appetite and crazy busy baby. Sitting is uncomfortable because his feet are in my ribs and lying down just exacerbates the heartburn. My nights are basically made up of little sleep and lots of pee trips. Yep, I’m pregnant.

As some of you know, my birthday was Wednesday. Ryan did a fantastic job with making me feel very spoiled and special. Last weekend he found a Pho place in downtown Chicago as well as a Chinese bakery which meant I was pretty much in food heaven. On Wednesday I thought we were headed to dinner but it turned out Ryan booked me an hour long prenatal massage. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and I can’t wait to have another one before Liam comes. I’ve felt SO much better in the days after the massage. My body really needed it. After the massage, we got take-out Mexican and watched a movie. Still waiting on my ice cream cake but he assures me tonight is the last night of celebration so I’m counting on it for dessert. 😉

Nancy, my co-worker surprised me with balloons, an orchid, and fried pickles and Oreos. It was a nice treat and so thoughtful of her. To add to my super fun birthday week, we got our first real snow storm which was exciting for me. Now it probably won’t melt until May but I’m happy now. Not much else to report so here are the pictures you’re all waiting for:

Smiling is SO for 31 year olds…

Week 12 –> Week 34/36 🙂

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One Response to Knocked Up – Week 34

  1. Kendra says:

    LOVE that bump! I can’t believe how big it is. 🙂

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