Knocked Up – Weeks 32 & 33

Sorry to my faithful readers for the slacking. I didn’t realize I was TWO weeks behind on posting until yesterday so here ya go…

Weight:  158 (+28 lbs) This has actually fluctuated the past weeks. I was up to about 163 quite suddenly once we got back to Chicago but I figured it was due to spending about 24 hours total in the car on the trip home for Christmas. I’ve since upped my fluids and protein and have gone back to what should be “normal”. Weight gain should be approximately 1/2 lb a week (for baby) until delivery. I plan on staying within those parameters. I really don’t want to gain more than 35 lbs so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Still absolutely no stretch marks which I’m pretty DAMN excited about. Twice daily coconut oil massages has probably helped but also the fact I was already so stretched out by Aden, my body knew what to do. I love having a huge pregnant belly because you can barely see that I have any marks at all. Of course, when my stomach is flat, it’s a different story. 😉

Baby size & Weight: 17 inches; 4 lbs (pineapple size) but I’m pretty sure he’s going to measure bigger at our sonogram in a few weeks.

Physical: UGH. It’s impossible for me to get comfortable at night. I’m a right side sleeper and can’t lie on that side without having the insatiable urge to pee. Left side is my only reliable option. Lack of restful sleep = extremely run down during the day = body freaking out. I had more concerning contractions this week, pretty painful & very low. I met my OB at the hospital and she checked everything out. I’m very slightly dilated but nothing to be concerned about. Great news is Liam has officially dropped into place! He’s head down and engaged so no breech baby for us!!

I waddle when I walk. I wince when I get up from sitting. Pretty typical late pregnancy stuff. I was able to drop my hours down at work to 30 a week instead of 37.5. I’m hoping with the ability to come in later, I’ll feel like I can get more sleep in the morning and not have to get up while still exhausted. I’m so proud of myself for working this whole pregnancy! I was definitely worried it wouldn’t happen.

Emotional: Drained. Ready to meet him but at the same time, understanding the need for him to stay safely tucked away in my belly for at least another 4 weeks. I can feel myself getting excited and anxious for parenthood. I’ve read so many books and blogs and advice, I’m just ready to do it for myself.

Activity: None. After my swimming at home, I aggravated my pelvis and had serious pain for a few weeks. It has mostly calmed down but I’m not going to push things. I walk to the bathroom at work about 20 times a day so I’m counting that for now.

Baby Prep: His room is almost done! We went to Ikea a few weeks ago and got the dresser I had my eye on. It’s assembled and this weekend I’ll put all his clothes in it. Pictures, toys & books from the baby shower were brought home and now have a spot. I’ll post pictures next week.

Birth Prep: Contractions. Tailor sitting. Got a big exercise ball I’ve been sitting on and doing stretches which feels really nice. Should’ve gotten one months ago.

Supplements: Rainbow Light Prenatal, Trader Joe’s Omega 3, Mother to Be tea, Trader Joe’s Folic Acid, B6 & B12, and liquid D3 (5,000 IU)

Cravings: baby carrots, bananas, string cheese & ice cream

Now for my headless belly shots. Not sure why I took both without my face but oh well. You know what I look like.

32 Weeks with Charlie growing out of my belly button

33 Weeks


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  1. Kendra says:

    Thank goodness I reminded you… I feel lost without my weekly updates. 😉

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