Knocked Up – Week 29

Belly Measurement: 41.5 though I feel much, MUCH bigger than that. How have I not grown more than 1 inch in weeks?? Something must be awry.

Baby size & weight: 15.25 inches (butternut squash!); 2.5-2.75 lbs.

Physical: On Friday I had my second trip to the hospital during this pregnancy. I started having contractions Thursday evening at work (1-2 minutes apart for an hour). We had our work holiday dinner which I didn’t want to miss so I pushed through and after a few hours, they calmed down a bit. Had more overnight but was able to sleep. At about 8 the next morning, they started again. 2-3 minutes for an hour. I called Debbie and she told me to head to Lake Forest Hospital.

This trip to the ER was much different than my first for dehydration. Last time I had to wait to be seen and this time I got the red carpet treatment! I got taken right up to Labor & Delivery in a wheelchair and put into a private room with my own bathroom and a view. I was hooked up to the baby monitor and stayed there for the next 5 hours. I was able to get up to go pee and since I wasn’t dehydrated in the slightest I didn’t have to have an IV. After 5 hours, they determined I wasn’t having pre-term labor but instead, a UTI. Funny I didn’t have any symptoms or discomfort but my white blood cell count was elevated and something funky in my pee (yum) which led them to the diagnosis.

This whole weekend I was put on bedrest which meant I didn’t leave the house or the couch. It was very restful and relaxing and I felt much better about everything. But once I got up and went to work, I started feeling really badly again. I’m in a lot of pain around my stomach (top & bottom) and my hips and pelvic bones are just sore. I honestly feel like I’ve been in a car accident. So much for all my nesting energy! Hello 3rd trimester.

Emotional: Trying to stay positive and focus on getting to 37 weeks. Debbie can deliver Liam at home if he’ll wait until 37 weeks to be born and isn’t breech. Spending 5 hours in the hospital reminded me how much I do not want to give birth there. Lake Forest has a strict constant monitoring policy which means I couldn’t walk around as I pleased to labor. They also require IV immediately upon admittance. The only plus is I liked the OB on call and they have really great ice chips. I’m glad to know what is waiting for me in case of an emergency transfer or if he decides to come sooner than I want.

Activity: Yoga. Can’t walk anymore without wincing and hobbling. Must. See. Chiropractor.

Baby Prep: Painted Liam’s sign, finally! Still stocking up on baby clothes, diapers, baby legwarmers, baby socks, lots of cute stuff from the thrift store and other Navy wives. Hung the bunting flags I made a few weeks ago. Put a rug in the room. Bought a trash can. Hopefully the nursery will be done before he arrives but I’m not too concerned about it. We have a place for him to sleep, nightgowns for him to wear and diapers for him to poop in.

Birth Prep: My uterus is practicing day in and day out for labor. Braxton Hicks are a pain in my ass.

Supplements: Rainbow Light Prenatal, Trader Joe’s Omega 3, Mother to Be tea, Trader Joe’s Folic Acid, B6 & B12, and liquid D3 (5,000 IU)

Cravings: egg salad sandwiches, Diet Coke (gross!), chocolate

My little helper

Annnd the Baby Bump!

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3 Responses to Knocked Up – Week 29

  1. Jane Eboch says:

    Love your baby bump, more than a bump now! You look wonderful, honey!

  2. Kendra says:

    YAY! You look wonderful. Fingers crossed Liam waits until 37 weeks to make his debut. 😉

  3. Ashley says:

    Hang in there Missy! I had the same pains on and off the second pregnancy. At one point, I could barely walk and just shuffled my feet all the while on a ton of pain. Thank God it only lasted a few weeks!!

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