Knocked Up – Week 27

This is a long one… you’ve been warned.

Measurement: 41 inches though I think I’m getting much bigger. I wonder if I screwed up measuring a few weeks ago?

Weight: +19 lbs (149 as of midwife appt on Saturday) She says I’m doing fine and have gained less than she expected (she estimated I’d gain 35-40 based on my size & level of exercise pre-pregnancy). I’ll probably gain another 7-8 before he’s done cooking. Oye.

Baby size & weight: about 2 ¼ lbs and 15 inches

He is an active little munchkin. If I go a few hours without feeling him, it’s strange, he moves that much. Even at night. When I get up to pee I think it disturbs him cause he’s kicking away once I’m laying back in bed, trying to fall asleep again.

Fairly certain he’s a huge Black Crowes fan because when Ryan started playing “She Talks to Angels” he went from sleeping to crazy! We’re going to experiment again tonight to see if it was a fluke.

Emotional: Overall, really positive and excited about the baby coming in a few months. Sometimes I feel really anxious about the fact that we’re going to be PARENTS but then I realize that we’re going to be awesome and hopefully not completely screw up our kid. My main obstacle is the actual labor and birth process but after this weekend’s class, I feel much better because this time I won’t be alone. I will have my husband, my love, helping me and supporting me through the whole thing. I definitely wasn’t by myself when I gave birth to Aden, actually quite the opposite! I had so many friends and family who came to visit and encourage me but when it came down to it, I was more or less alone. But not this time. This time I get to experience birth how it is meant to be and that makes me really happy. I feel very lucky to be in this place in my life.

Physical: I hurt. My back is pretty much constantly throbbing. No amount of pelvic tilts or Tylenol seems to help either. It’s abated when I’m sitting but as soon as I stand or walk I’m wincing and limping. Kinda pathetic.

Energy level is good. I’m crazy nesting and making Ryan join in on the fun. I’m sleeping more soundly again. I hope that insomnia thing was just a phase.

Activity: Walking in the am and at lunch. I get home after dark so it’s pretty depressing. Hoping this week I can start walking on the treadmill at lunch since Ryan’s schedule is supposed to change drastically. We’ll see…

Baby Prep: We’re re-arranging things to make a whole room for baby stuff as it became clear to me he needed more space than we were giving him. So we moved the futon down into the living room- which I LOVE! It’s so much cozier and we now have more seating area for guests and doggies. Ryan’s studio stuff will go into the office and the small spare room will be all Liam’s.

Unfortunately his closet is still being used as our food storage so Ryan has to share his closet with baby but he’s still got plenty of room. For now, at least! I still have to bring home all the baby shower stuff which is at my parent’s house.

This past week I made a yarn wreath,

baby mobile using veggie toys from Ikea,

spray painted a mirror and basket,

and framed some fabric.

On the list for the next few weeks: finishing the bunting (fabric flags) and cloth wipes I’ve cut. Trying to figure out what color to paint the dresser and stand.

I ordered some wet bags from this fantastic shop on Etsy, SweetBobbins. Their craftsmanship is phenomenal and their fabric choices are divine. I had them sew a custom bag for the Ikea bin I got and it fit PERFECTLY. It even has a little scent tag where I can sprinkle essential oil to help cut down on the dirty diaper smell.

Don’t think I shared our beautiful quilt I’m basing Liam’s room colors around so here’s a picture:

Birth Prep: 3rd childbirth class was yesterday and it was by far my favorite. We practiced labor positions and ideas for what Ryan can do to help me through contractions. He’s going to be so wonderful; I have complete faith in his ability to support me. He is so nurturing and gentle and I feel so lucky to have him as my partner in this journey.

I’m also gathering our birthing supplies- old towels, sheets, and washcloths are first on the list. I’ll probably hit up the thrift store if I can’t find any at my parent’s house. Midwife Debbie suggested if I want to do a second homebirth to wash & store the items in a Tupperware container so everything is ready to go for next time.

Supplements: Rainbow Light Prenatal, Trader Joe’s Omega 3, Mother to Be tea, Trader Joe’s Folic Acid, B6 & B12, and liquid D3 (5,000 IU),

Cravings: Back on my healthy track. I’m eating 2 eggs & chicken sausage in the am with oj and a banana. Lunch is almost always salad and leftovers or soup or grilled cheese sandwich. Haven’t had any weird or strong cravings this week that I can remember. I eat lots of Chobani yogurt and drink water all day long. I prefer to have lots of lime in it but that’s nothing new to pregnancy. Also an avid supporter of LaCroix club soda. Definitely the best in the biz.

Bump Pic! Sorry it’s blurry- didn’t look that way on the phone.

Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One Multivitamin, 90 Tablets

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