Knocked Up – Weeks 24 & 25

Somehow I missed a week and now I’m totally off so we’re catching up. We turn 26 weeks tomorrow so this is week 24 & 25 recap.

Measurement: still 40 though probably bigger at night

Baby size & weight: 14 inches & about 2 lbs at 25 weeks. This kid is ACTIVE!! I love feeling him move & look forward to his awake time. Ryan feels him kicking a lot as he’s really crazy at night.

Emotional: I’ve been thinking a lot about birth and labor this past week. It’s on my mind when I’m lying in bed and while I’m at work. I try to envision how it will go and what contractions will feel like. I don’t remember feeling much pain with Aden even though I labored for about 18 hours without any pain medication. I’ve struggled with pretty serious menstrual cramps the past few years since going off hormonal birth control so I think that’s kind of what it will feel like. I’m not stressing about it, but it has definitely  been dominating my thoughts.

Our birthing class is informative but some of the info is for first time birthers and it’s hard to decipher what is relatable to me and what isn’t. Will it be like my body has never had a child? Some research says that since it’s been so long, this will be like a first labor. I hope not. I don’t want it to drag on for days. I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

Other than the physical act of bringing Liam into the world, I am getting really ready for him to come. We’re both so excited to become parents and are literally counting the days until he’s here.

Physical: Definitely hitting the nesting phase. I was full of energy last weekend- cleaned the house, winterized the plants & garden, picked up the branches/leaves in the yard, weeded, swept, lots of stuff. This weekend we thrifted & shopped on Saturday and on Sunday I ventured to Ikea- alone!

I suppose it’s normal that with my through-the-roof energy, my sleep is getting lighter. I had a full night of insomnia last Tuesday night and slept about 20 minutes. Had to take a nap on Wednesday cause I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Wednesday night I slept but the night dragged on and I felt like it was later than it really was every time I got up.

My back has been bothering me the past week. Mostly when I get up from a sitting or lying position but when I’m walking it’s pretty brutal. I need to make a chiropractor appointment to get things back in line cause the ice packs and Tylenol aren’t doing anything for me.

Activity: Walking in the am & afternoons but the pm walks are definitely shorter because of the weather & lack of sunlight. Will be switching our long walks to my lunch hour most likely. Still doing yoga stretches, squats and pelvic tilts and feeling surprisingly mobile and limber considering my size.

Baby Prep: I’ve done a lot in the past two weekends. I cleaned out the garage of all the stuff Aden’s mom Kathy gave us. She had a baby 3 years ago and kept the stuff, presumably for me 🙂 and now I’m putting it to good use. I also straightened up the spare room which had lots of pre-pregnancy clothes, Ryan’s studio equipment, food storage & other junk. I organized the linen closet and made room for all the blankets, towels, swaddles and wash cloths.

We put together the bassinet and glider but sadly discovered the glider has cat dander on it and I can’t stop sneezing when I’m near it. I’m going to try to steam clean it and see what happens cause it’s a $350 glider and we definitely don’t want to get rid of it!

This weekend I assembled the dresser & changing table, hung up some clothes, organized the diaper area & toy/book bookcase. Found some pretty cool stuff at Ikea that I’m super excited about. I’m a huge dork and get giddy about organizing.

Some sewing & painting is on the agenda for November,  hopefully. I have a To Do list a mile long that is sure to not get completed before he arrives.

Birth Prep: 2nd childbirth class was last Sunday. Almost done with Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

Supplements: Whole Foods Prenatal, WF Omega 3, Mother to Be tea (will start red raspberry at week 28) Folic Acid, D3 (5,000 IU), B6 & B12

Cravings: Sweet stuff, unfortunately. I want to eat chocolate all day long. But I don’t. And it makes me sad. I did get these amazing chocolate covered bananas that makes me feel like I’m eating dessert but it’s also “healthy”. (At least, more healthy than a Klondike which is my other guilty pleasure.) Three ingredients bananas, chocolate & peanut oil (to keep the bananas from freezing too much)

Other: Ryan finishes his A school this week (which is the first round in his schooling) and will graduate on Thursday #2 in his class! He is a Distinguished Honor Grad and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He works really hard, day in and day out for our family. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband. No word yet on orders for the next phase so I’m trying to be patient. At this point, he’ll be on hold which means his days are short. This schedule will be really nice especially as I near the end of the pregnancy. Getting home during lunch to walk the dogs in the cold and snow will be miserable in about two months. This way, he goes to base at 7am and would be done with work by 2 at the latest. This will really take some pressure off me with household tasks as well since he’s usually gone from 6am – 4pm. If he’s still on hold after Liam comes, he’ll get to spend a lot more time with us than he would if we went right to C school.

The next step is his C school (not sure why there’s no B school!) where we’ll be for anywhere from 3 months to a year and then we’ll get permanent orders for the remaining 3-4 years of his enlistment. We’re not sure if we’ll be re-upping at this point, we’re going to see how things are once we’re settled in our permanent duty station. Anything is possible!

Week 25 Bump! Side & front views for you this week. 🙂

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