Knocked Up – Week 23

Thanks to Jessica for reminding me to post this week. I wrote it at work on Friday but forgot to actually post!

Weight: I made the executive decision to take off weight as a weekly check-in unless I’ve had a midwife appointment that week. Our scale, as I’ve been lamenting from the beginning, is all but crazy so the only way I really “know” is after my visits. The strange thing is, my pants are feeling looser in the butt & legs the past few weeks. I know he’s growing because my belly is protruding significantly more than it was last week but I don’t feel like I’m getting bigger overall, if that makes any sense. I’m getting very top heavy and notice I have a more difficult time when walking the boys because they tend to pull on their leashes. Can’t wait until there’s snow on the ground!

Waist measurement at my biggest point: 40 inches!! Oh yeah. 🙂

Baby size & weight: I think I posted his 23 week stats last week so suffice it say, he’s about a pound and a foot long.

Emotional: Meh. Out of spunk most evenings by the time work is over. Love the weekends cause we actually get things done but during the week I feel like I’m barely treading water with housework, cooking, doggies, regular work, etc. Really looking forward to our time home over Christmas. We both need a break from this really stressful, rigorous schedule.

Physical: I get plenty of sleep but the past week I’ve been waking up tired and then hit another lull around 1 or 2pm. Evenings I feel super uncomfortable like he’s running out of room and can’t breathe. The only thing that makes me feel better is to lie down in bed. So, lots of time spent there. Lots of kicks, squirms, punches, flips, etc. Ryan can feel him regularly and we watch him move at night when I’m lying down.

Activity: Walking 10-15 min the am; 30 minutes in the afternoon. Ryan graduates soon and his schedule will be lighter so I can actually use the gym I have at work instead of hurrying home to let the boys out. Want to start swimming but the issue of bathing suit is still a problem.

Baby Prep: Got a free crib mattress! Still unsure of how our sleeping set-up is going to work but I figure this way we have a basinnete, crib and pack & play for all options.

Birth Prep: pelvic rocks, squats, tailor sitting, sleep.

Supplements: Whole Foods Prenatal, WF Omega 3, Mother to Be tea (will start red raspberry in a few weeks), Folic Acid & B6/B12, D3 (5,000 IU)

Cravings: Green Jacket salad dressing. With the last of our garden’s fresh tomatoes & parsley. String cheese. Chocolate of any sort but preferably high quality. Chobani yogurt pretty much every single day especially pineapple and strawberry/banana. (If you haven’t read my Ode to Chobani, you must check it out.) This stuff is amazing. And it has 14 grams of protein which helps when I’m struggling to get enough. I must say that I’m a whole milk kinda girl. I don’t shy away from full fat milk or cheese and Chobani is low or no fat but honestly, it doesn’t taste like it. And it has more protein than the whole milk yogurt I used to eat. So there you have it.

This week you get a close-up Baby Bump! He’s getting bigger every day. 🙂


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One Response to Knocked Up – Week 23

  1. Kendra says:

    LOVE seeing that bump! Can’t wait to rub it again in December. 🙂

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