Knocked Up – Week 21

We’re having a BOY!!! Most of you already know this wonderful news, but I had to make it blog official. Here’s a picture of the big reveal: photo by Erica Fisher

When we found out at the sonogram last week I was SHOCKED. As in, I didn’t believe the tech for about 5 whole minutes. I felt so sure we were having a girl for so many months, it really took me by surprise. Definitely not the last time I’ll be surprised by little Liam… Next pregnancy I’ll know my intuition is completely wrong and opposite of what we’re actually having!

We ended up doing something a little different than a Reveal Cake because I got in late Friday and didn’t have time to bake. So Lauren & I decided to use one of her gifts instead. As you can see, it’s a blue fuzzy snow suit for Liam- perfect for the cold Chicago winter!

The shower was so wonderful. A whirlwind weekend of celebrating Liam, introductions to two new babies, catching up and seeing old friends. I came home feeling exhausted and yet fulfilled. I can’t wait to spend more time in VA with Ryan and the boys. As short as my trip was, I missed them the second I drove away.

Pregnancy Deets-

Weight: Not sure, midwife appointment is next Tuesday so I’m anxious for an update. I’ve been exercising more the past few weeks than I have my whole pregnancy due to both me feeling better and the weather finally letting up on the heat. Feeling really good but definitely large & in charge. Guess we’ll see where I officially stand next week.

Baby size & weight: Liam is now about 10 inches long and weighs about 12 oz. Midwife has “exact” weight on the ultrasound report we’ll go over next week. He’s squirming a lot! He kicks so hard sometimes I can see it on the outside and feel it when I press my hand to my belly. Soon Ryan will be able to feel him too!

Emotional: Feeling really wonderful after my weekend in VA. Definitely needed some time to celebrate this pregnancy with my family and friends. Now that we know we’re having Liam, I feel like I can move forward with a lot of things in a few weeks, namely nursery preparation- buying a dresser, sewing curtains & putting together the furniture Kathy gave us.

Aden was at the shower and that was really special for me. He’s growing into such a handsome teenager, it’s surreal to me to think in a year I will have one son in high school and another who is 8 months old!

photo by Diana Adams

Doesn’t he have fantastic hair?? And how cute are our matching freckles and dimples? 🙂

Physical: Woah pregnant belly! Starting to notice it’s getting in the way of things like bending and twisting. My oblique muscles do not like it when I try to use them so that’s been a really hard adjustment. Peeing all the time. Can’t eat very much in one sitting and the heartburn! Oye… I carry a full sized bottle of Tums everywhere I go.

Activity: Walking 30-45 min with the boys every evening. Squats, tailor sitting, pelvic tilts. Haven’t done yoga in awhile cause I walk everyday but I’m sure once it gets cold I’ll start that again.

Baby Prep: So many wonderful and adorable gifts, I can’t even begin to list. Partially cause I left most of them at my parent’s house! Ryan & I will bring them home when we’re there for Christmas. I checked one bag on my flight home, filled with clothes and blankets. I went to a few thrift stores before I left town and picked up some really adorable outfits. Namely a sailor outfit so Liam can match Ryan’s dress blues and a Virginia Tech jersey outfit for next year’s football season!

Birth Prep: Other than “training” my body, nothing this week. I had a lot of questions about our homebirth choice while I was at home, which was to be expected. Our choice is still not main stream in the slightest and though we’ve always been “crunchy”, I’m sure lots of people are skeptical of our decision. I feel really strongly about having a birth without unnecessary interventions.

My desire for a home birth is based in the assumption we have our home set-up and comfortable. If we moved in a few months, there is no way I’d have the time or energy to get a house comfortable enough I’d want to labor in it. Which means if we get orders before Liam is born, I’ll most likely give birth in a birthing center at our new duty station, where the distractions and medical intervention is low. That being said, we will have a homebirth here in Great Lakes assuming everything goes as planned (no pre-term labor like with Aden or other complications). I am not reckless and neither is my midwife. At first sign of an issue, I will not hesitate to head to the nearest hospital but I trust in my body’s ability to give birth naturally and have the utmost faith in Liam that we can do this together, at home. I want to bring him into this world as peacefully as possible. And to me, that means in a pool in our kitchen listening to Van Morrison on the record player. Or in our bed or our living room or bathroom… you get the idea.

Other: No official Baby Bump picture this week but here’s a few more shots the lovely Diana took at my shower-

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