Knocked Up – Week 18

Sorry for the late post. No excuses really, just didn’t feel like doing anything from about last Wednesday on. Haven’t been feeling tired like I’m missing sleep but just run down, worn out, etc. After a weekend of relaxing though, I’m starting to come out of my funk.

Weight: no clue. More than last week probably. So let’s assume +10.5-11 lbs. Our scale doesn’t work at home and I honestly am not sure how I’ll track this accurately without one. We might have to do monthly weight check-ins after my midwife appointments. Maybe I’ll start to measure my belly instead. Probably less depressing too. 😉

Great news is, I have no stretch marks yet! Other than what was left after Aden… I remember the exact moment when I saw my first stretch mark with him. It was about this time in my pregnancy so I’m very vigilant from the beginning about putting on lotion morning & evening. I really don’t want another set of stretch marks on my already crazy looking belly. Keeping my weight gain to less than 50 lbs (what I put on with Aden) should also help!

Baby size & weight: Sweet potato! Average size: 5.6 in, 6.7 oz Baby A is becoming increasingly mobile yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. S/he can hear now so Ryan is on lullaby duty when he’s home. Been feeling kicks and movement more often but still not consistent. I wish I felt more, I wait and hold my stomach in hopes of feeling more. I think I confuse it with gas sometimes. Or maybe confuse gas with actual movement. Who knows? S/he likes to hang out on the left side of my belly, way down at the bottom and when I push on it, I’ll feel a kick which makes me laugh. Can’t wait for Ryan to be able to feel it too.

Emotional: Drained. We’re in a hard spot right now with Ryan’s Navy career. Things are difficult for him and thus, hard on me too. This base is notorious for treating the students like absolute crap and after 9 months of it, he’s getting a little worn down. As a family, we’re doing great but it’s hard being in a place where something really amazing is happening to you but your life is not yours to control. Welcome to Navy life, huh.

 I enjoy my job but I hate getting up for it every day. I get irritable and want to be at home doing home things. I desperately want to go for a 10 mile run but can’t seem to walk more than 30 minutes without feeling faint. I feel guilty for putting Charlie in his crate for 8 hours at night (he does sleep with us every other night) and then 8 hours during the day (I come home for an hour and take them to the dog park) but it’s a LONG time to be stuck in a crate. He’s just not well behaved enough to leave out and a doggy day care is out of the question- it’s expensive and far away.
I miss my family and my friends like you would not believe. I’m struggling with still feeling a little disconnected to Baby A. I can’t quite explain it but I’ll have moments where I feel really centered and peaceful and others where I’m like, “What the hell? I’m pregnant??” I’m hoping once we find out whether he’s a HE or a SHE, I’ll start to feel different. And as we get closer to birth, I’ll start to feel more like a mom. I suppose because I’ve been in this place before, though in a much different time of my life, I’m still struggling with realizing I am going to be a MOM. I’ve been a “mom” of sorts for almost 14 years now but now I’m going to be an honest-to-heavens MOTHER. Which in turn makes me paranoid about something happening to me or the baby and losing him. I’m just fearful it’s not actually going to happen- this thing I’ve wanted more than anything in my life will be taken away in the blink of an eye. I suppose it’s normal considering the trauma I’ve been through, but it’s still frustrating to not feel how I think I should feel.

Physical: Except for the run down part on either end of the day, I’m feeling pretty great in between. My stomach is definitely getting bigger by the week and I’m starting to not be able to rely on my abdominal muscles anymore to sit up in bed or after lounging on the couch. Have to sleep with a pillow between my legs and under my belly. Round ligament pain comes and goes probably as the baby grows.

Activity: I’m walking about 30-40 minutes total a day, squatting, yoga, stretches, etc. Really want to start swimming but I honestly don’t feel like spending money on a bathing suit and none of mine fit anymore. (Anyone have a maternity suit they want to give me??)

Food: Consistently craving Italian food still. I’m doing the typical pregnant woman thing- I hear something and have to have it immediately. I think about or see a food and I can’t rest until it’s been eaten. Drinking TONS of water & flavored unsweetened sparkling water. Love fruit- apples, grapefruit, oranges, melon. Horseradish. Like out of the jar. We got some beet horseradish at the store this weekend and I’ve already finished a quarter of the jar! Still having trouble with eggs so I’m trying to be sneaky about getting them in my diet. Maybe if I smother them with horseradish?? 😉

Baby Prep: Started looking into highchairs. Watching for gDiapers deals on eBay. Excited for my baby shower in a few weeks!! (Mostly cause I get to go home for more than 24 hours) Got a few more gifts from people and I organized what we already have in our office. What will most likely be the nursery, if we’re still here, is still overrun with Ryan’s recording gear and my pre-preggo clothes. SO not motivated to clean it out. What if we move and I put together all that furniture for nothing? On the other hand, maybe I should so it starts to feel more real and I have a place to go and meditate and connect with Baby A. I’ll take advice on that one if you care to help a sister out.

Birth Prep: Daily exercises. Looking into placement of the birthing pool. Wrote up my birth “plan”. It’s REALLY hard to picture or plan this birth without knowing where we’ll be. Quite stressful to not even know where you’ll give birth, much less where you’ll spend the first few weeks of your baby’s life.

Other: We’ll be finding out next Monday what we’re having! I’ll tell my parents and family when I go home that Friday and announce it to the ladies at the shower on Saturday. Facebook will be notified shortly after. 😉

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2 Responses to Knocked Up – Week 18

  1. Kendra says:

    Very cute! I am just curious how you are going to keep the sex a secret all the way until Friday… don’t you think you’ll want to tell someone?!?

  2. Jess Voigt says:

    Oh girl we have too much in common!!! This Navy lifestyle is really tough for us too… Especially with Paul at sea. He wants to be excited but they are working him so hard that he’s too exhausted to think! I’m worried that he won’t be able to connect because he won’t be back until 35 weeks!!!

    Oh and the spare room… Stacked with boxes I put off thinking I would get them done when he left but then I ended up pregnant and I haven’t had the energy to do a thing in there… However I have big plans to start working in there because we are already receiving gifts and I don’t want them to get mixed with all of the other junk! I’m not motivated though… I wish my mom was here to help me!

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