Knocked Up – Week 17

The post to you this week is brought to you by fried pickles. OMG. Yes. These things are amazing. I’m sure they’re not gluten free and definitely not healthy in the slightest but WOAH. They’re amazing.

Weight: 140 (+10) AH! Feels like a lot. Seems like a lot. I have a lot more to go. To be fair, it is all in my belly and boobs. I’m still able to fit into my size 4 pre-preggo pants so I know my butt hasn’t expanded too much (yet). I just know there’s a lot more weight to be gained so I’m trying to keep it on the low end before the end of the 2nd trimester.

Baby size & weight: 5 oz, 5 inches long (9 if he could actually stretch out) –> baked potato size

Emotional: Bitchy? Possessive about my food & my space. Not feeling very fuzzy & lovey this week. Hope it passes. So does Ryan.

Physical: My round ligament pain is actually getting better with the increased squatting and walking I’ve been focusing on this past week. At our first childbirth class last weekend, the instructor presented pregnancy as a time to “train” for labor & birth. Ok… I can train. With this new mindset, I have an end goal and exercises which hopefully make it easier. Just like a marathon. 🙂

Activity: I’m exercising regularly! Walking 30 minutes a day and doing squats + yoga that I’ve been doing from the beginning. Tailor sitting (Indian style for us non-PC people), butterfly stretches and meditating.

Baby Prep: Got my first round of gDiapers! Found another Navy wife selling her old stash for a VERY reasonable price and ended up getting 8 covers, 12 snap-in liners and a brand new package of disposable inserts. I’ll need LOTS of cloth inserts and a few more covers but I feel like I’m definitely on the road to having a solid cloth diapering system in a few months.

Hit up  a yard sale today & got 18 onesies (long  & short sleeve), 1 sleep sack, 3 footed pj’s, 3 hats, 2 bibs, 5 towels, 4 washclothes & 2 sleep wraps. + shirt for Ryan all for $10! Yay for military families moving!

Birth Prep: See activity. Lots of stretching and strengthening exercises. Meditating, relaxing and going to my “happy place”.

Other: Will find out in 3 short weeks if we’re expecting a Liam or Alexandra! 🙂 And then I’ll be home for four glorious days to spend time with family and friends. Really looking forward to that time.

Baby Bump Week 17! Sorry Facebook friends, you’ve seen this one already.

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