Knocked Up – Week 16

This week’s post is gonna be a little lame. I’ve been sick the ENTIRE week. Forced to take off work, horizontal most hours of the day, coughing so much I can’t control my bladder, and headache that feels like it’s splitting my face in two. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve showered since like Tuesday? Can’t really remember.

Went to the VA on Monday. Saw a doc who was more concerned about my asthma than my cough. Got an inhaler that I already had. Waited 2 days for what I thought was another inhaler but turns out it was just Flonase. Ok. I’m coughing up a  lung but I guess Flonase is ok.

Headed to another doctor this afternoon for a second opinion since I haven’t improved in 5 days and am still waking up over and over and over again at night coughing.

Feeling lots of baby movement, probably cause I’m laying down and paying more attention. No appetite but drinking lots of tea, club soda and water. Popsicles. Soup. Sick food.

Weather’s turned cool here and I’m pretty much in love with it. I want to live somewhere where this is the temperature for a few months, not just weeks. It’s glorious and relaxing and soothing and reminds me of campfires and lake and family.

The boys have been taking good care of me. See?

And here’s my lazy baby bump pic. Baby A loves to hang out on the left side of my uterus for some reason. I guess it’s more roomy there. 😉

Got a few baby gifts already from a good friend who can’t attend the shower. Ryan says it’s definitely starting to feel a lot more real with baby clothes & toys hanging around the house. We still need a dresser, fabric for a quilt, and to finish painting my wooden sign before I’ll start to set up the nursery. Since Baby A will be sleeping with us for awhile, we don’t have a need for a separate crib right now. We have a basinette (gifted by Aden’s mom) and have requested a Pack & Play on our registry which will sit next to our bed for easy access. Once s/he’s ready to sleep independently, we’ll figure out the crib/bed situation in Baby’s room. Until then, we’re keeping things pretty light in terms of gear. No stroller, no crib, no swing. Just a car seat, P&P and some baby-wearing carriers and slings. And lots of toys and clothes. 🙂

That’s about all I have the energy to write now. Time for my mid-morning nap!


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