Knocked Up – Week 15

Sorry this one’s so late. Couldn’t seem to get a belly pic but did take one for our “personal” stash and I suppose that one will have to do.

I can’t believe I’m already closing in on 4 months. Seems like I just found out we were expecting a few days ago. As my belly grows, I am in awe that we are actually having a child. How did this happen? (Well, we know that…) Is the world prepared for us to be parents? Shouldn’t there be some license you should get before you can just start having babies? We’re still kids it seems! I know that with parenthood comes responsibility but I hope that Ryan & I can keep our immaturity and ability to not be “those people” who are dry and boring and un-fun. I want to parent our children like we live our lives- full of love and laughter and spontenaity and rolling with the punches. Even though we’re a military family, we are “dirty hippies” at heart and I know that mindset will shine through any regulation the Navy tries to place on our family life.

 Weight: 140 (I think?)

Baby Size & Weight: 2.5 ounces about the size of an apple; 4 inches long

 Emotional: Feeling really good! We’ve hired a new person at work who I’ll be sharing an office with and I like her personality a lot. She’ll make things easier than the previous person. Feeling more kicks and getting really excited about finding out the gender and my baby shower in a few months.

 Physical: HUGE! I’m seriously really big. I don’t know how people don’t know that I’m pregnant. Got my first stranger question so that means I’m official! My typical outfit for work varies between maternity pants and a pre-preggo shirt or a pre-preggo dress that is flowy and still fits. I tried wearing heels this week and it killed my back so I’m wearing flats. I need to get some with more support though cause my Rocket Dogs aren’t cutting it.

I’m also in pain again. 😦 I was so excited to not be in pain and only a few short weeks later, I find myself at the chiropractor’s. My lower back has been acting up as well as my hips and upper back. After my adjustment on Monday, I felt like a new person so I’m hoping with regular visits, I’ll be ok. Frustrating that I can’t just have an easy fix, but such is life for a pregnant woman.

Devouring: Everything! I rarely have aversions these days. I’m eating tons of protein. Packing it into everything I can think of: peanut chicken, egg custard, chicken salad with cottage cheese. My goal is to have two kinds of protein at every meal and I think I’ll meet the daily recommendation of 80. Quite a long way I’ve come in a few months since becoming a reformed vegetarian! Though the past few days my appetite has decreased a bit, I think the baby had a growth spurt last week.

Activity: I have a lot more energy than I’ve had this whole pregnancy. I’m back to taking the boys for a good walk in the morning, a walk at lunch and another in the evening. I also time myself as I walk around the office and it’s quite a bit. I think I’m getting some good exercise in but man do I miss running. I want to make it a priority to swim once a week too and need to get into the habit sooner rather than later. We’re considering taking the dogs to day care once a week since I’m gone 8 hours, Ryan’s gone ~11 and Charlie seems to be reverting to his old ways. I think he’s just got a lot of energy and isn’t able to run it off while being locked up for 8 hours during the day and another 8 at night. Definitely not what we wanted to do when we adopted him but it seems to be the only option since he gets into EVERYTHING in sight. He’s not like Jeffrey at all. So on the days we do day care, I could leave work and swim without feeling guilty about leaving them alone for so long. Of course, it’s another added expense so we’re sill debating our options.

Baby Prep: Randomly buying things I find on our base’s version of Craigslist. I got a highchair, crib (not sure how we’ll use it yet—more on that later), and a Bumbo seat for $20! At this rate, I’ll just buy most of my baby gear used and my registry will be all toys. 🙂

Birth Prep: Starting to write my “birth plan” which details what we’ll do if the roads are bad, what we’ll do with the dogs, who I want there, foods I can & cannot eat, etc. My midwife provided an outline which I’m following but I’ve been hesitant to fill it out at all considering how crazy things are at a birth. I suppose it is good to know in case she can’t get there and we have to transfer to a hospital. I need things in writing so the hospital staff knows to just leave me alone!

Other: So I’ve had a very strong feeling since before I got pregnant that Ryan & I would have a girl. I had a dream once when we were very early in our marriage and our adult daughter was in it. That being said, I’ve felt from the beginning this one is a little lady. One of the most obvious factors is that my morning sickness was so much different than with Aden, which is common with girls (worse than boys). I was barely ill with Aden at all but green for 3 solid months with Baby A. Annnnd the Chinese gender calendar told us it was a girl too. But other than those two things, there’s not a whole lot of evidence proving either way. Ryan wants a boy, of course, but we’ll just have to wait another 5 weeks!

That’s all for now. I’ll post camping pictures & pics from our weekend at the lake tomorrow.

BB #15 Not the most flattering shot of yours truly but I did just wake up. Be nice. 🙂

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3 Responses to Knocked Up – Week 15

  1. Kendra says:

    PERFECT!!!!! Such a cute belly!

  2. Tricia says:

    I hope it’s a girl! But I wasn’t sick at all with my first (a boy), and I was in the hospital twice because of my morning sickness with Ezra (also a boy). I had ALL THE SIGNS pointing to a little girl this time, even an ultrasound at 13 weeks for my severe nausea that the tech said with 90% certainty it was a girl. Oh, and the Chinese gender calendar said girl, as well as that test you can buy online and do as early as ten weeks. All girl. And Ezra is all boy! Crazy, right?! But if you have a gut feeling, you’re probably right! I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Henry was a boy, and I was right. I just knew. Love followingyour journey! And your Instagram feed.

  3. Jess Voigt says:

    I love it!!!! 🙂 I’m so excited for you… Thanks for posting!

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