Preggo – Week 14

Ganking Joni’s format cause it covers all the bases and I love lists like there’s no tomorrow.

Weight: 138

Gain: 8 lbs (approx 1/2 lb a week which is right on track)

Baby size & weight: lemon at 1.5 oz & approx 3 inches

Emotional: Things have leveled out for me emotionally. Not feeling as raw but definitely still tear up over little things. Charlie was sick a few days ago, I cried. I watched my midwife’s new website video and cried. I thought about coming home for Christmas and being with our family again and cried. So I guess things aren’t quite “level” after all!

Physical: One day this week I actually wore some pre-preggo pants with the Belly Band keeping them up. But most days Some days I loathe waistbands and just want maternity pants or a dress. I look pregnant but still no stranger due date question.

Devouring: pineapple, peanut butter, sour lemon hard candies and Passion Tea. Still loving anything with tomato sauce. With Aden I ate lots of Chinese food but I haven’t been craving that much. Must be the Italian baby I’m growing in my belly.

Supplements: New Chapter prenatal vitamin, Fish Oil (2,000 mg?), Vitamin D (5,000 IU), Folic Acid (800 mg) & thyroid pills are my daily routine. I’ll add more stuff later in the 3rd trimester but I’m also drinking the Mother to Be Tea which has lots of yummy ingredients like raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf, stinging nettle, spearmint, dandelion, fennel, cardamom and lemon.

Activity: precious little. With my round ligament pain, it’s been tough to walk very far. Doing my yoga and pelvic tilts but other than keeping house and taking the dogs for walks, I’m not doing very well on this front.

Baby Prep: Finished my baby registry- finally! We decided to go with Baby’s R US and Amazon because of the limited choices available on BRU. For anyone thinking about giving us gifts, please know we will GLADLY accept hand-me-down items! We want your gently used stuff! Pass it along, please. No need to buy a bunch of new stuff that s/he will be done with in a few months. If you have the choice on Amazon to buy new or used, please go with used! We won’t be offended, I promise!

Picked up a high chair & a white iron crib from another Navy wife for $20 this week. Also bought my first baby carrier- a Boba! It was on super sale (50% off with coupon) so I had to do it. Working on a wood sign for the nursery and sewing a quilt.

We also got a 2008 new-to-us washer & dryer set for $300! The family is being stationed in Guam and we got quite a deal. I realize it doesn’t seem like baby prep, but it most definitely is. We were going to just keep going to the laundromat before I got knocked up because we didn’t want to spend tons of money. However, since we’ll be cloth diapering and babies are quite soggy for a few months, we realized a W/D was an absolute necessity. I’ve already done 4 loads in it since yesterday at 7pm.

Birth Prep: Pelvic tilts, keeping weight down, attending Childbirth class series starting in September.

Other: We decided to find out the sex of the baby and not keep it a secret as previously discussed. We felt like for our first we wanted to find out and share it with our family and friends. On a personal note, I think knowing will make in utero bonding easier. I am conscious that I did not attempt to bond with Aden as much as I could have while I carried him (for obvious reasons). This time, I want to prepare both my heart as well as our home for Baby A’s arrival. Finding out the sex, naming him/her, etc will really make things more real for both of us which I think is important with our first child.

We’re actually going for our 20 week sonogram a few days before I fly home for my baby shower so Ryan & I decided I would reveal the sex at the baby shower! I think we’ll do a reveal cake (or cupcakes- gluten free of course!) unless we come across another good idea between now and then.

Names: Pretty much decided on Liam Angelo for a boy and Alexandra Jane for a girl. Both are first names which we just like and agreed on, which was a miracle in and of itself. Boy middle name is Ryan’s middle name and Jane is after my Momma. I really wanted Joshua or Emma or Josephine but I guess I’ll just have to keep those on The List for future little ones.

Baby Bump from my vantage point. My toes are still visible for the next few months at least.

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2 Responses to Preggo – Week 14

  1. Kendra says:

    why did this not go up on FB?

  2. Kendra says:

    oh, and why not Joshua?!?

    PS- dying to know the sex!!!

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